Dubai Creek Harbour – the heart of the old town.

Dubai Creek Harbour: history, current state, and photos. Description of the natural reserve and offers for the tourists.

Dubai Creek HarbourDubai Creek Harbour – the natural attraction with the glorious past

Usually, modern Dubai is related to the shiny skyscrapers, while the heart of the city still belongs to Dubai Creek Harbour. This is the place where the first towers of the future metropolis were created. Old houses of the local fishers were demolished and replaced with shopping malls and offices.

Few words about the history

The harbor served as the main source of income for many years in a row: people sold a lot of fish and pearls. Small and fast dhow boats full of cargo were used to bring it to the areas, which delivered goods to other countries all over the world.

Dubai Creek Harbour is the natural attraction located in the unique part of the old town. It’s impossible to imagine a holiday in Dubai without a travel in an araba in the harbor.

In the middle of the previous century, the head of the city offered to expand and deepen the harbor that was a key element of Dubai. The process of reconstruction launched in 1960. When it was over the Dubai Creek Harbour was able to work with the vessels with the deadweight of up to 500 tons. That was the beginning of the process on the development of the area.

Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour Today

Currently, the harbor is the heart of the old city that has the Museum of Dubai and unique Oriental bazaars. Without visiting them your trio to Dubai can’t be completed. Don’t forget about the gold market, textile market and spices market, where you can by local food and traditional objects, enjoying the incredible scent of local traditions in Dubai Creek.

A part of the area is a natural reserve. This is the place where many species of birds spend their winter. One can find up to 20 000 of them during the season. The harbor has the length of 14 km, while the width ranges from 115 to 1400 meters.

Dubai Creek Harbour

These days big vessels were moved to other ports, while the harbor can be used only by the old traditional boats.

Offers for tourists 

It’s worth noting that the cheapest and the most memorable attraction in Dubai is a ride on the boat around the Creek Harbor. One ride is worth just 1 AED ($0.27), but it will give you a full range of new feelings and emotions, allowing you to enjoy the city from the water.

Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour is the perfect place for families with kids. Go right to the Creekside Park that has a playground for children. It’s one of the most popular places among the lovers of nature, and it has a ropeway above the harbor. 

Property in this region

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