Dubai for millionaires: what can one afford if the money is not the issue?

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What can one do in Dubai, if the budget has no limits at all? Just believe us, the city offers a virtually limitless number of options.

We have to say that there’s no upper limit for the price of attractions in Dubai. One can use the money to buy virtually everything, which is legal. If you have a lot of money, you can afford things, which may look incredible and crazy. However, the prices for such “crazy” things are fixed and available, which means every attraction has its customer.

So, let’s see how one can spend a lot of money in order to relax and unwind! Let’s look at the most unusual and extravagant options...

1. Spend a night on the 25th level of Burj Khalifa

There’s no better place to stay if you really want to spend a lot of money. Burj Khalifa is the iconic place for all the lovers of luxury. The most luxurious room is worth $24,000 during the peak season. The room can be found on the 25th level of Royal Suite and offers the total area of 780 square meters, a personal elevator, a cinema and a rotating bed.

Luxurious holiday in Dubai

One can reach Burj Khalifa in Rolls-Royse Phantom from the elite taxi service. In case if you don’t want to spend time in traffic, you can hire a helicopter right at the airport, and reach the hotel, landing on a special station located at the height of 212 meters. 15 minutes of the flight is worth $2,700.

2. Fly around Dubai on a sport plane

This is one of the best options to see Dubai. Even the viewing point in Burj Khalifa can’t offer the same level of excitement. One can fly around, and see all the details of this amazing city.


The price of the flight is $3,000. The plane departs from Dubai Creek and flies all around the city. One can offer the flight above Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi for an additional fee.

Which attractions are available if one comes to Dubai having the limitless amount of money? In fact, there’s a lot of different options...

3. Go shopping

You can’t go to Dubai and avoid local malls and shopping centers. 

One can find the outlets of the most famous brands here, choosing everything from a pair of shoes to the most luxurious wallet. Versace and Louboutin are waiting for you.

Luxurious holiday in Dubai

The highest number of shops can be found in Dubai Mall. Even though the prices are high, more than 80 million people visited it in 2017. It’s higher than any other shopping mall in the world. One can pay $800, and hire a personal manager, who will accompany you in the mall, telling you about all the shops and offers.

4. Have a dinner at the altitude of 410 meters above the sea

At.mosphere Restaurant in Burj Khalifa is located at the mentioned altitude. The most famous chefs work here cooking the best dishes. Prices are as high as the location of the venue: ice cream is worth $800, 30 grams of caviar is worth $210, while a bottle of wine will cost you $18,000.

At.mosphere Restaurant in Burj Khalifa

5. Rent the Waterpark

One can easily rent Aquaventure park in Atlantis Hotel for two hours just for $40,000. You will have 17 hectares of the various water attractions, slides, pools, and even the lagoon with sharks. No queues and crowds will make you annoyed! 

Aquaventure park in Atlantis Hotel

One can also pay $135,000 to rent Ski Dubai for a day, skiing in the total silence, and knowing that nobody will disturb you here.


Finally, if you are happy enough after all these attractions, you can buy the most expensive penthouse in the city. It’s worth $49 million and offers 8 bedrooms, 3,946 square meters of living space, parking for 12 cars, and the balcony of 1,400 square meters, which can be used as the viewing point to enjoy astonishing sceneries of Dubai shoreline. Keeping the level of exclusivity of such real estate, it’s going to be the smartest purchase during the entire trip.

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