Dubai World Cup — the most expensive horseracing event

Dubai World Cup is the major event in the world of horseracing. It offers the prize fund of $30 million and the most rapid horses of the entire planet

Dubai World Cup — the most expensive horseracing on the planet

Every year on the last Saturday of March Dubai World Cup attracts the real fans of horseracing to the biggest race course in the world. This relatively new event is interesting with its biggest prize fund, luxurious race course and the fastest horse from all over the world.

Dubai World Cup history

You probably won’t believe that horseracing became popular in Dubai only in 1981. At that time all races took place on a dusty track for camels. It took almost 11 years to build Dubai Racing Club in Nad al-Sheba and create proper competition conditions. The very first Dubai World Cup took place in March 1993. By the year of 1996 the size of the prize fund grew up to $4 million, while today it has already reached $30 million for 9 races! Furthermore, the main prize is simply phenomenal – the main winner will get $10 million.

Dubai World Cup

Starting from 2010 Dubai holds the biggest sport and social event on the most innovative hippodrome of the world Meydan Racecourse. The total length of the race track is 2000 meters. Only one stand takes more than 1600 meters. The hippodrome can fit up to 60 thousand guests. This luxurious race course covers an entire area of incredible 8 million square meters.

The prize fund of Dubai World Cup is $30 million, luxurious Meydan Racecourse can fit up to 60000 guests, while ticket prices start from just $11.

Not only the hippodrome itself is luxurious, but all infrastructure objects too. There is a 5-star hotel with 280 rooms, a golf course with 9 holes, several restaurants and even a museum.

Dubai World Cup now

On March 22, 2017, the 22nd Dubai World Cup took place in Dubai. It was a part of 3-month Dubai World Cup Carnival that began on the first week of January. Only blooded horses of 4 years and older from many countries were able to participate in the event. This sport competition became as important as British Royal Ascot horseracing, and constantly attracts the best couches from all over the world.

It’s worth noting that the most inalienable parts of the event are incredible fashion shows and astonishing musical performances. Mysterious Sia from Australia was invited by the organizers in 2017.

Even though this event in incredibly luxurious and prestigious, Dubai keeps it affordable for all the people. The ticket price can be called “humble”, because it starts from just 40 dirham (around $11). Furthermore, kids below 12 years old can participate for free.

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