Dubai Monorail ticket prices

Dubai monorail tickets: what is the price for one-way and return ticket, are there any discounts, and what is the fine for the ticketless travel?

Starting from July 2017 the following prices are offered for Dubai monorail tickets:

  • One-way ticket price is worth 20 AED ($5.5), while the return one will cost you 30 AED ($8)
  • If you plan to buy a ticket from the first station ‘Palm Gateway’ to ‘Al Ittihad Park’, you will pay 10 AED for one-way ticket ($3) and 15 AED for the return one ($4)
  • In order to reach from Atlantis to Al Ittihad Park, one can buy the one-way or return ticket for 15 and 20 AED respectively.

Dubai Monorail has its own ticketing system. Tickets can be purchased in ticket offices and machines located all around the line. Tickets can be bought only for cash. Both Nol and credit cards are not accepted.

Dubai monorail tickets

The purchased tickets have to be used the same day. The fine for a ticketless ride is 200 AED ($55).

The monorail ride is one of the most important and desired events for the majority of the tourists. We are going to tell you about Palm Monorail ticket prices and locations to buy them.

Dubai Monorail tickets for kids and other discounts

Kids with the height of 110cm and less can use Palm Monorail absolutely for free if they are accompanied by adults. There are special devices intended to measure the height installed near all ticket offices.

Dubai Monorail ticket prices

There are no discounts for groups, and it’s impossible to buy tickets in advance. Some exceptions can be maybe for special event organizers after negotiating with Nakheel. The price will remain the same, but one will be able to purchase tickets in advance and distribute them among guests for an easy access to the event.

Working hours of the monorail can also be extended on request.

Palm Monorail ticket price: changes since 2016 and forecasts

In 2016 the price of the ride to Palm Jumeirah Island was worth 20 and 30 AED for one-way and return tickets respectively. The ticket price was increased by 5 AED on July 4, 2017. Such change was caused by the increased number of the tourist and growing load of the monorail.

Dubai Monorail ticket prices

Keeping in mind that Dubai Monorail is mostly a recreational transport, the ticket price is a bit higher than in all other transportation options in the city. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly popular among both tourists and local citizens.

Two new stations are planned to be open in the nearest future, so the price of the ticket may be increased again.

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