The appearance of Dubai Miracle Garden at night

Dubai Miracle Garden at night is not less impressive than during the day, and you will find even more romance and fabulousness if you come here at night.

Dubai Miracle Garden at night looks equally impressive and luxurious as during the day. No doubt that you won’t find the wide range of astonishing colors, which dazzle the visitors during the day. However Dubai Miracle Garden becomes even more romantic and magical at night. One can enjoy astonishing illumination of the garden only at night. It’s worth noting that the illumination system is as technically complex as flower compositions, which are considered as the most important landmarks of the garden.

For example, on the photo below you can see one of Dubai Miracle Garden compositions at night:  It’s pretty hard to say when Dubai Miracle Garden is more adorable, during the day, when it’s immersing is the sunlight, or at night when it’s covered with the lights of artificial illumination system.

Furthermore, exactly the light and its tricks on the plants create incredible atmosphere and decoration of represented compositions at night, while the flowers are not really noticeable. That creates the main difference of Dubai Miracle Garden at night in comparison with Dubai Miracle Garden during the day when all the beauty is created by numerous flowers.

Now check this photo, and you will see how an adorable house of Miracle Garden converts into a scary haunted mansion: Nowhere you can see anything the same.

In other words, if you have such opportunity, it’s recommended to visit Dubai Miracle Garden twice: during the day and at night. Furthermore, all tickets to Dubai Miracle Garden can be used twice. Like if they were trying to lure exuberant visitors to return here once more. But how and when one can get to the Miracle Garden at night?

How to reach Dubai Miracle Garden at night

The Miracle Garden doesn’t offer a special night working schedule. The Miracle Garden is working till 9pm during the weekdays and till 12pm during the weekend or a holiday. In other words you can come to the Miracle Garden in 2 or 3 hours before its closing. Thus choosing the time when the garden is still working, but the darkness starts to cover it and lights around numerous expositions are turned on.

If you want to visit Dubai Miracle Garden at night in April and October, it’s recommended to come here during the weekend at around 9-10pm.

If you come here during the week, you may not find enough darkness to see all the beauties of local illumination system. For example, on the photo below you can see astonishing avenues with parasols immersed into the twilight before the total darkness covers the entire garden: Suac a beauty worth all the efforts required to see it.

Bring in mind: during the weekend both Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Metro are closed at 12am.

If you decided to take a taxi or a bus from the Mall of Emirates and you used Dubai Metro to reach the mall, try to plan your schedule to have enough time to use metro to get back home.

Don’t forget that the bus #105 that connects the garden and the metro station is available only before 8pm on Sunday and before 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

That’s why if you want to enjoy amazing sceneries of Dubai Miracle Garden at night, plan to use taxi services in order to get back home.

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