Dubai Desert Road Run in June 2018.

Dubai Desert Road Run takes place a couple of times per year and will take place on June 16 with the starting point at The Sevens stadium, and two distances for runners: 3 and 10 km.

On June 16, Dubai will hold the regular long-distance Dubai Desert Road Run. Everyone is able to participate in the event, starting from the beginners, who never participated in the official events, to the best athletes of the UAE, who participate in the international competitions on the permanent basis.

Dubai Desert Road Run in June 2018.

The participants of the event are able to choose from 3 and 10 km distances. Both tracks are located on roads closed for the traffic, which offer great running surface. Both of the tracks will start and end on the territory of The Sevens stadium. 

There will be several prized for the participants of both races for both men and woman, as well as for the runners from the different age groups (first three winning places for each of the groups).


The participation fee is 90 AED for 3 km, and 130 AED for 10 km. The guests are able to come to the stadium or watch the race on any of the streets of the track. All the tickets can be bought at In 5 days before the beginning of the race, the prices will become higher. After purchasing the ticket one has to register for the event. It’s impossible to register for the event on the day of the race.

Long distance races are incredibly popular among the citizens of Dubai. For example, Dubai Desert Road Run takes place on a regular basis and attracts the constantly increasing number of the participants.

Both races will start at the same place at 6 AM. One has to arrive at the starting point in at least one hour before the race in order to make registration and get a personal number. In 2 weeks before the race, all the registered participants will receive special notifications from the organizers of the event by phone.

Dubai Desert Road Run in June 2018.

A lot of special stations with water and medical personnel will be located all along the track. Toilets and shower can be found at the starting point.

The following age groups are available for the 3 km race: 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13 and 14-20 years. People of 20 years and older will be able to participate only in the 10 km race with the following age groups: 14-20, 21-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59 and 60+. Athletes, who will take three winning places in each of the group, will get special awards.

Venue: The Sevens Stadium in Dubai


Tickets: 90 AED for 3 km race, and 130 AED for 10 km race

Date of the event: June 16, 2018

Time of the event: 6 AM

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