What is the Dubai Butterfly Garden ticket price?

Dubai Butterfly Garden ticket price is 50 AED, while disabled guests and children younger than 3 years can visit the park for free.

In 2017 the Dubai Butterfly Garden ticket price is 50 AED ($14) for adult guests and all children of 3 years old and more. Both Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden are open for physically challenged guests and children of less than 3 years for free. 

Even though the Butterfly Garden is a part of the Miracle Garden, it’s located on a separate territory and has its own tickets and entrance. One can’t buy a ticket to the Miracle Garden and use it to enter the Butterfly Garden. Before entering the Butterfly Garden you will be asked to purchase tickets for all guests.

Anyway, in order to save some funds you can plan visiting both the Butterfly Garden and the Miracle Garden in one trip. It allows you to avoid paying for transportation twice.

Scandal that appeared because of high Dubai Butterfly Garden ticket price

In 2016 the Dubai Butterfly Garden ticket price was 30 AED. By the end of the year it reached the level of 40 AED, and in 2017 it was announced that the official price is 50 AED. Such dramatic increasing caused a lot of anger of the visitors who were claiming that the Miracle Garden wouldn’t be an affordable place for relaxation.

Dubai Butterfly Garden ticket price

They were also telling that the price of 50 AED is not adequate for what the visitor gets. Famous media in UAE wrote about that scandal, including KhaleejTimes and TheNational.ae. The majority of visitors is sure that the adequate Butterfly Garden entry fee is around 15-20 AED, while even the price of 30 AED is too much.

This price is extremely harmful for families with kids and for those who visit the park with their friends and relatives. Many families in Dubai include 10 people, thus they have to pay 500 AED or $140 in order to walk around the park. According to the majority of visitors there’s nothing offered for such a price in both parks. Other people say that parks are really worth it. But they added that will never come here again to relax or just walk around.

Nevertheless, the administration of the park and local authorities are sure that the entrance ticket prices for both the Butterfly Garden and the Miracle Garden are more than adequate and do not need special deals, because these sights are unique not only for the region, but for the entire world. Furthermore, there’s a lot of interesting places and entertainment venues in the park.

On December 24, 2017 the park was visited by 6000 guests, while the administration received the total amount of 300 000 AED. It turns out that the visitors are voting with their money asking to create more diverse compositions and increase the Butterfly Garden entrance ticket price.

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