Design District in Miami

By coming to Miami and not visiting the Design District one shows a total absence of taste, art, and fashion because this part of the city is.

Design District is truly one of the most attractive and well-known places in Miami. In fact, this is the most stylish place in the city, as well as in the country. Here you will find a lot of celebrities from the world of art, fashion, design, and entertainment. In other words, Design District, its architecture and public spaces shall be considered a museum under the sky because the area is full of various places, which will be interesting for any kind of person.

Design District in Miami

However, let’s start with the real museums. Those are Bossa, Ca D'Oro and De la Cruz, as well as many others. They offer paintings from already famous and aspiring artists.


Furthermore, the Design District offers a vast collection of the art for sale. Those shops are like museums. 

Design District in Miami is the place for artists, musicians, stylists, designers, couturiers and other people from the world of fashion and art.

Seasonal exhibitions, fashion performances, concerts, and lectures take place almost every week. Some of them are planned in advance, while others are carried out totally spontaneously, bringing the world of happiness and joy for locals and tourists, who managed to be in the right place.

The main event of the district

Another famous event in the Design District are so-called are walks, which take place on the second Saturday of the month. During such a walk, many venues attract guests with discounts and special offers, while street artists are performing right in the front of cafes.

Design District in Miami

Finally, the area itself offers unique architecture. All the streets are decorated with various sculptures, while houses are covered with murals. Some buildings are so unique that they can outbid the best exhibits of the museums. 


In case if you have some time, you need to go to the Design District on the second Saturday of the month. The area is located in 4 km from the center of Miami, and one shall use the Second North-East Avenue to reach the place.

Property in this region

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