Communal services in Dubai: is it expensive to live here?

Communal services in Dubai: what are the main parts and how they are calculated? An average calculation for an apartment located in Dubai Marina.

communal services in Dubai

Communal services in Dubai: what’s the real price?

All people who are planning to live in Dubai on a constant or temporary basis are interested in the information about communal services in Dubai. It’s much easier to calculate your budget when you know average prices. That’s why we are going to write as much details as possible, taking a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina as an example. The annual rental price for that apartment is AED 45000.

Which payments are included in communal services in Dubai?

Generally, payment checks include the following:

  1. Electricity consumption
  2. Water consumption
  3. Sewerage usage
  4. Fuel Surcharge
  5. Cooling
  6. Housing Fee

Tenants are paying for internet access, phone and cable TV separately.

communal services in Dubai

How are communal services in Dubai calculated?

In order to calculate first four sections, tenants shall use counters. In other words you will pay for the actual amount of used resources. But if one officially employed person is living in the apartment, he or she will pay as follows:

  1. Electricity — AED 70
  2. Water — AED 90
  3. Sewerage — AED 10
  4. Fuel Surcharge — AED 20

Payment for air conditioning is usually included into the rental price, thus tenants don’t have to make additional payments for it. However, some landlords are including payment for air conditioning as an additional fee. You need to check this moment with your landlord.

communal services in Dubai

Housing fee is equal to 5% of the rental price. In our case we are going to calculate as follows: AED 45000 х 5% / 12 months = AED 187,5. Keeping in mind that this fee depends on the rental price, we can say that the bigger is your apartment, the more you pay for housing fee.

What are the main parts of communal services in Dubai and how they are calculated: thorough description of all payments and an average calculation of expenses for an average one bedroom apartment?

The fee has no connection with your water or electricity consumption and it’s applied to all real estate objects (whether they are rented or just used by their owners). The tenant is obliged to pay housing fee. In case if an apartment is used by the owner or it’s just empty, the amount of housing fee is calculated as 5% of an average rental price of similar accommodation according to RERA rental rate.

It turns out that in order to calculate monthly payments for an apartment in Dubai one has to add rental price, communal services, air conditioning fee (if applicable), housing fee (in our example it’s AED 4127,5 ~RUB 67000), as well as fees for internet access, phone and TV.

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