Coffee with gold in Dubai — another “business card” of the city

If you want to try coffee with gold in Dubai, go directly to Art Cafe Mocca or The Sky View bar. Drinks and desserts with gold are usual drinks here!

Gold… what comes to your mind when you hear this word? You may think about precious jewelry, heavy ingots or maybe sunrays and sand. It will be anything, but coffee, won’t it? If you answered yes, then you have never been to UAE and you’ve never tried real coffee with gold in Dubai.

It’s not a joke and they really offer this kind of drink in sumptuous restaurants. Some people may say that people in Dubai are victims of the gold fever, while others will use this unique opportunity to taste this unique drink.

Firstly, fresh coffee decorated with food-grade leaf-gold on the skin looks simply magic. Secondly, as an addition to your royal coffee you can also order “golden” pastry with similar decorative elements. Thirdly, this is totally safe for your body and health, especially if you won’t drink it every single day.

Have you tried gold? We are not joking and just talking about a restaurant menu. Coffee with gold in Dubai is more than usual. Haven’t you tried yet? Well, it’s the right time!

Your drink may be added with syrup or cream. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to taste golden coffee with cognac, because alcohol is strictly prohibited in Dubai.

What’s the price for such a pleasure?

Prices for coffee with gold in Dubai start from AED 50, which is equal to around $13.6 or 810 rubles for today. It’s pretty enough, but it’s really worth it! At least once during the year you can go to a luxurious restaurant and order a cup of coffee with an elegant image made from chocolate syrup and golden cuts.

Coffee with gold in Dubai

By the way, golden coffee has already become new “business card” of Dubai. Here you can also try “golden tea” and “precious” pastry. Tea leaves are covered with a thin layer of 24-karat gold.

Where to find “golden” dishes and drinks in Dubai?

The most popular place where one can try coffee with gold in Dubai is Art Cafe Mocca. This café is located in Downtown Dubai and you will definitely enjoy its high-tony menu.

You can also enjoy the nosey taste of this delicacy in the restaurant of Al Manzil hotel, as well as in The Sky View bar in Burj Al Arab hotel. By the way, numerous “golden” desserts are incredibly popular in the last venue. According to calculations of local administration guests are eating around 5 kilograms of gold every year!

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