Coffee in Dubai: traditions and the best coffee shops in the city

29 May 2017
Culture of coffee in Dubai: huge variety of coffee traditions, popular chain and unique coffee shops, information about the museum of coffee in Dubai.

Coffee in Dubai

Culture of coffee in Dubai

Coffee is the second popular food after oil, because it can be perfectly mixed with any dishes. Coffee traditions from different parts of the world create unique fusion here in Dubai. People like and respect coffee in Dubai. It’s sold everywhere, from petrol stations to the most fashionable restaurants.

Coffeehouse chains in Dubai

The majority of coffeehouses in Dubai belongs to various American style chains: Starbucks, Second Cup, Tim Hortons, Costa Coffee and others. One can buy a cup of tasty coffee virtually everywhere: shopping malls, business centers, shops, hotels and various cafes.

If you visit a traditional coffeehouse, you can drink a cup of coffee right there or take it away. The price will be the same. Usually you can choose from small, medium and big coffee cups.

Coffeehouses of various chains are usually having same design and variety of products. But there are several exceptions. For example, Costa Coffee above Ski Dubai ski resort — this venue offers unusual design and amazing views over the snowy resort.

Culture of coffee in Dubai: list of coffee shops in the city, main features, interiors and coffee varieties, best venues with the tastiest coffee, museum of coffee.

Best coffee shops in the city

We will take the liberty to make a list of TOP-5 coffee shops in Dubai. We want to know your opinion. Please add your comments at the end of this article.

  1. The Brass

This is a cozy place in City Walk with huge varieties of coffee offered. One will find as classic products here, as well as unique recipes. For example, they offer coffee with lavender flowers honey or coconut milk.

      2. Friends Avenue

This is a coffee house in JLT residential tower. It was made by two friends, who added their own style in each and every piece of the venue. Local people visit this place pretty often. The menu is diverse and guest can choose coffee for vegetarians and coffee without lactose.

     3. Craft Cafe

This is an art café with very unusual design. Wood, glass and sunlight are mixed here. This venue is located in Design District. Guests are offered to try huge variety of cold drinks. The chef of this venue Roberto Seruga came from Peru and he created many restaurants here in Dubai.

     4. Park House

Check out the coffee shop on the luxurious Kite Beach — a place that offer perfect combination of the sun, the sea and coffee in Dubai.

    5. Yumtingz drive-away cafe

This café on wheels was made from a school bus. It drives around the city, creating queues of coffee lovers. This bus is incredibly popular during celebrations and festivals. Local people appreciated the idea of entrepreneurs from Australia!

Coffee in Dubai

Museum of coffee in Dubai

You will agree that the city where people love coffee so much simply must have a coffee museum. This museum is located in the historical area of Al Fahidi in Bur Dubai. Here one can find a lot of useful information about the history of this tasty drink, enjoy a cup of “museum” coffee and try local Arabic drink called qahva.

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