Cityland Mall: a garden and a mall in one

09 December 2016
Cityland Group has announced the beginning of the Cityland Mall construction - a mall that will include a botaniсal garden, a flower park and entertainment venues.

That's not news that Dubai has become a huge oasis right in the middle of the desert, with pure artificial lakes, meadows and thousands of palms. And the more new projects in Dubai correspond to the "green city" concept, the more chances there are to attract investment and to solicit the support from the government. Still Dubai is famous for its shopping capacities, and a tremendous number of people arrive to Dubai with this very purpose, forming a major part of the emirate's budget. And it seems that the creators of Cityland Mall have managed to unite two completely different notions in one place - trade and conservancy.

Cityland Mall

Cityland Mall - a market in a garden

Almost every Dubai's guest and resident knows about its two sights - Dubai Butterfly Garden and Dubai Miracle Garden flower park. It is difficult to describe how picturesque and beautiful these projects are, and even photography wouldn't fully convey the magnificence of these expositions. But the ambitiously creative designers from Cityland Group have taken it to a new level: they're about to create a real garden combined with a mall.

Creators of Cityland Mall claim they'll combine shopping with natural recreation

Just imagine what a pleasure that could be: wandering in a real park, coming by some stores and enjoying the shade of trees in one place! And what is more, the visitors of the park will be able to contemplate the beauty of the flower pavilion, have fun at the theme parks and enjoy the stunning view from the rooftop of the mall.

"People are no longer excited about going to a mall and just passing by some glass and plastic as they shop", - says Abdel Naser Rahhal, the Vice Chairman of Cityland Group. "In Cityland Mall not only you'll be able to shop, but also to contemplate the beauty of the nature, take pleasure in its tranquility, leave vanity behind and become a slightly different person afterwards".

Also, Cityland Group's CEO Fahimuddin has revealed some interesting details of the upcoming project, which, however, creates more intrigue than clarity...

Cityland Mall

A bit of facts and figures

In fact, Cityland Mall itself is going to be a botanical garden with a vast number of entertainment and shopping venues in it. Though the renters for this facility will be thoroughly selected, so that the mall wouldn't become another "ordinary marketplace with palms".

The total area of the mall is to be 200 000 square meters. In the middle of the facility there will be a conservancy area with a unique collection of plants. In particular, the complex will contain:

  1. A garden with 300 hundred years old trees;
  2. A flower garden;
  3. A japanese garden;
  4. A mini-waterpark;
  5. A roof park revealing a gorgeous panoramic view of Dubai;

Besides the abovementioned venues, there will be 6 themed pavilions with restaurants serving various national cuisines, 350 stores and a hypermarket built on the territory of the park from Dubailand's side. Stores will only occupy around 27% of the area, 10% will be reserved for entertainment venues and 15% of the area - for restaurants and cafes, which altogether will constitute the biggest food court in the region.

Additionally Cityland Mall will be equipped with a 16-hall movie theater, including several auditoriums for children. There will also be a vast parking lot for 6 thousand parking spaces and three hotels.

The realization of this massive project will cost the creators 1.1 bln AED (around $299 mln.) and the complex is expected to receive 12 mln visitors annually. The park is to be launched in the middle of 2018, and if its popularity and attendance meet the desired benchmarks, the creators promise to build similar facilities in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

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