What to choose: a one-bedroom apartment or a studio?

14 November 2018
What is the best choice for travelers for a short-term rental: one-bedroom apartment or a studio?

It’s worth noting that one-bedroom apartments and studios are two of the most popular types of accommodation in the market. One-bedroom apartments are also called 1BR. Such apartment is an adequate choice for a couple of the tourists or a family if they plan to stay for 7-10 days. But what are the key difference between the studio and the apartment?



Usually, the studio is 10-15% cheaper than the apartment, while having the same parameters, i.e. location, renovation quality and services provided by the residential complex or the apartment hotel. Such difference can be almost unnoticeable when you go to an average location; however, it will become obvious if you try to book accommodation in one of the most popular resorts in the world. In case if you want to book something on a long-term basis, such difference may transform into a huge amount of money. As a result, we can say that the studio is the best choice for budget travelers.


In another hand, one-bedroom apartment with a living room can accommodate up to four guests at the same price. Divide the overall price by 4, and it will be more affordable than renting a studio.

Size and the number of beds

The main reason for the higher price of the apartment is the higher number of beds and sofas. In the majority of cases, the studio can accommodate only 2 guests sleeping on one bed. In case if you want to stay with a friend or a child, you need to take an additional bed, or even sleep on the floor.


There are many different types of one-bedroom apartments. The countries with the socialistic past consider the one bedroom apartment a flat with a bedroom and a kitchen connected with a hall. As a result, you will get the same number of sleeping places and the same level of comfort. 


In case of such modern resorts as Dubai, Cyprus, Singapore, and Miami, the one-bedroom apartment is a studio with an additional bedroom that has a separate door. In the countries with the social past, such apartments are called two-bedroom apartments, but it’s not the case because everything changed in the modern world.


In fact, there’s no difference between the one-bedroom apartment without the hall and the studio. The kitchen is too small, and the guests have to spend a lot of time in the bedroom, having no difference in the studio. In the case of the modern 1BR, 2 guests can sleep in the bedroom, while two additional guests will stay on the sofa in the living room. 

Despite the fact that a one-bedroom apartment can be more expensive than a studio, some of them can be more convenient for the travelers. For example, in the case when a group of 3-4 friends wants to stay in the apartment...

Furthermore, the majority of time in 1BR can be spent in the spacious living room connected with the kitchen. You can have a meal, watch TV and just chat.


In other words, solo travelers and couple will see no difference between the studio and the apartment. If you travel with kids or a friend, you need to search for 1BR.


Another thing is that the number of studios is usually significantly higher than the number of apartments. That means you can choose one of many studios, while there can be no apartments at all (all of them are booked). 


In a conclusion, we can say that a studio is an option for budget solo travelers or couple. 1BR is a perfect choice for a family or two couple of friends. The overall price divided by four guests will be cheaper than the price of two studios.

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