What is more convenient: renting an apartment for a short-term, or staying at the hotel?

18 August 2018
These days renting an apartment for a short term is as affordable and easy as staying at the hotel. Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both options?

The short-term rentals of the apartments become more and more popular, competing with the traditional hotels. American startup called Airbnb is more popular and expensive than any hotel booking website. The majority of people is booking apartments directly with the owners, while the administration of the most famous and expensive resort in the world – Dubai – made an agreement with Airbnb on cooperation in the field of hospitality. The daily rental of the apartment is much easier and convenient than booking a hotel.

renting an apartment for a short-term

Why is it better to rent an apartment than staying at the hotel?

The key advantage of the apartment in comparison with the hotel is the lack of control from the administration. The apartment can be occupied with any number of guests (with consent from the owner). For example, the hotel will sell two different rooms for a family with two kids, while the very same family can rent an apartment with the adequate number of sleeping spaces. Furthermore, the rental price of the apartment is usually cheaper than the price of two rooms in the hotel.


Furthermore, if the owner sets no additional rules, one can make a party, take pets and feel themselves at home, and not at the hotel.


Finally, the apartments are usually located in the quiet and authentic areas, allowing you to feel the atmosphere of the place. The hotels are usually located in vibrant locations, having the universal design and the lack of the local culture.

renting an apartment for a short-term

Is it expensive to rent an apartment for a short term?

The price if the apartment rental is almost the same as the stay at the hotel. The prices may vary, so it's impossible to give a versatile answer. In general, one can find an apartment for the same price as the hotel room in the same city and area.

Who has to keep the apartment in order? Do I have to clean it myself?

In the majority of cases, the apartments are serviced by the owners or the hired staff. There will be no difference between the hotel and the apartment for guests. You will have fresh towels and bed linens all the time, and you can even order some food or fresh fruits, but only in case if you need it (some people prefer to avoid any contact throughout their stay). At the very same time, the apartment is equipped with all house appliances, allowing cooking the food right at home.

renting an apartment for a short-term

It looks too easy. Are there any disadvantages?

Yes, there are. For example, the lower is the price the higher is the risk of scamming or low quality of accommodation. In this case, you have to deal with a private person, and now with a hotel, so the level of responsibility is a bit lower. Some of them just want to get their money. Secondly, one can rent good accommodation only by booking it in advance. Thirdly, the property is not insured (it can be insured in the rarest cases). 

So what is the best option for the trip?

It depends on your goal. In case if you want to have an enjoyable holiday without thinking about anything, you have to book a hotel. In case if you plan to discover the city, talk with people, and saving a lot of money, you definitely need to book an apartment.


You can always contact one of our managers in order to find the optimal solution for your situation.

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