What holiday accommodation is and how to rent one?

06 May 2021
Holiday accommodation includes all the objects offered for short-term rental and offers a lot of advantages in comparison with traditional hotels.

More than a half of the tourists from all over the world are already aware of the holiday accommodation, and they already use various booking services to rent houses and apartments. The other half of the tourists are still using holiday packages from tour agencies without knowing the fact that one can book everything on their own. How one can make it, and is it really worth it?

Holiday accommodation

What’s the point of accommodation booking if I can buy a package tour?

It’s not always the case. Sometimes you can’t visit the city with a package tour. Try to book a tour to Ottawa or Cape Town? Those are interesting places frequently visited by the tourists, but none of the tour operators will ever offer a package there. In case if you are satisfied with the range offered by the tour operators, you don’t really need to book accommodation. But if you want to see something except Egypt, Thailand, and Turkey, you definitely need to understand how to book accommodation on your own.

Holiday accommodation

But I can stay at the hotel, can’t I? Why do you say that the apartment is better?

Apartments are 1.5-2 times more affordable than the hotel room with the same level of quality.

The hotel room is designated for a specific number of guests. When you rent an apartment, you can invite as many friends, as you want. Furthermore, one can rent houses and apartments in a location without hotels. There are many places where you can’t go on a tour – private farms, castles, picturesque villages and ancient cities.

In the majority of cases renting an apartment is much cheaper than the hotel of the same level, while apartments can be located in such areas, where you won’t be able to find a hotel.

Open a website with holiday accommodation offers, and you can even find tree houses, guesthouses in the forest, inns on the beach, exclusive penthouses and villas with the pool. All of them offer more benefits and advantages than a hotel. 

Holiday accommodation

In some cases, you will be offered to live with the owner, and they will help to navigate in the city, showing you the most interesting places, and giving tips. Furthermore, by talking with the owner, one can discover a lot of interesting things about the place.

Okay! How can I find and book holiday accommodation?

You need to go to the Accommodation section, define the country and the city, where you want to stay, as well as the travel dates. After that, you will be able to choose the most appropriate option from the list.

What do I have to do after the booking? 

Nothing else, you need to prepare for the trip, planning to visit all the attraction. Important thing is to take your passport or ID with you. The owner of accommodation or TripAways representative will check it to be sure that you are the one, who booked the place, and you will get the leys. After that, you can check-in and enjoy your holiday.

Holiday accommodation

Is it really reliable and safe?

In the case when you book accommodation with TripAways, you are totally safe. TripAways takes all the responsibility, and you will be able to live in the booked accommodation without any issues throughout the stay. You are able to adjust the cleaning schedule. 

Is there any fee or commission?

You don’t pay anything. You will pay the amount indicated on the booking page. All prices include commissions and fees, and we will deduct them before sending the money to the owner. 

Holiday accommodation

Are there any disadvantages to holiday accommodation?

There are, but they are not really important. For example, you need to choose everything on your own, and you won’t be able to file a complaint if you don’t like something on arrival. We request our customers to provide only trustful information, but some problems can be seen only when you arrive at the place.

Holiday accommodation

Another thing is that you won’t have the traditional infrastructure of the hotel, i.e. beach with sundecks, food, and transfers. Some tourists don’t really need these services, and the majority of people can book everything on their own. Furthermore, you are not obliged to pay for services, which are not relevant for you!



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