What’s cheaper: book a hotel or rent an apartment on TripAways?

There are many myths related to the short-term rental of the apartments, but the main thing you need to know is that such apartments booked on TripAways are significantly cheaper than the hotel.

This question is very complex, but we are going to discuss it in details: when you have the similar conditions, the apartment booked on TripAways is always cheaper than a hotel room. We are talking about the apartment that has the same size, location and level of comfort as the hotel room.

We surveyed hundreds of independent travelers, who visit different countries, and know how to book a hotel, and how to rent an apartment with с TripAways.

Book an apartment on TripAways

Why are apartments on TripAways cheaper?

The majority of the apartments published on TripAways are rented out directly by the owners. In fact, such rental is an additional source of income for the owner. They don’t need to invest a lot of money and wait for returns. As a result, the owner is able to rent such apartments out for the low price.

What’s cheaper: book a hotel or rent an apartment on TripAways?

Accommodation on TripAways is serviced by one or two people: the owner (who rents it out) and the cleaning lady. At the same time, they don’t have to pay for marketing and advertising. All the customers are brought by TripAways, and the owner just has to pay a commission fee for each order. However, hotels have a lot of expenses: they need to pay to managers, administrators, cleaning personnel, as well as advertising and marketing. All such expenses have to be paid by the guests of the hotel. 

Only people, who had no chance to compare the prices, may think that living in a hotel can be cheaper than renting an apartment.

But why people still use the hotels?

It’s easier and faster to book a room that to rent an apartment on TripAways. You don’t need to communicate with the owners, you don’t need to meet them in order to get keys and so on. You can go directly to the hotel, and stay in your room. Furthermore, hotels are more predictable, especially those belonging to the biggest networks. 

Снять номер в отеле проще и удобнее, чем забронировать квартиру на TripAways. Не нужно общаться с хозяевами, не нужно встречаться с ними для получения и передачи ключей — вы просто приезжаете в отель и занимаете забронированный номер. Плюс отели более предсказуемы, особенно те, которые принадлежат большим международным сетям — в них будут те же условия, что и в других отелях той же сети в других странах.

That means I have to lose some comfort in order to pay less?

Not always. Many apartments offered on TripAways offer the same level of comfort as a 4-5-star hotel, having the lower price at the same time. You need to compare only the rooms and apartments of the same class. At the same time, TripAways makes everything to make the rental process easy, convenient and fast for the customers.

Book an apartment on TripAways

Finally, many of the apartments are simply unique and located in special areas, where you won’t be able to find a hotel. We are talking about the olive groves, forests, lavender fields and so on. Furthermore, you can book a penthouse or even a villa in one of the most fashionable areas. In fact, TripAways gives you the opportunity to experience the real life of the country, where you are planning to go, saving some money at the same time.

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