Children’s WILD PLAY Garden in the outskirts of Sydney

The botanical entertainment garden called Children’s WILD PLAY Garden is a giant park with bridges, obstacles, ponds, and even a tree-house, where kids can spend a lot of time playing various games.

Children’s WILD PLAY Garden

Children’s WILD PLAY Garden is a giant botanical garden mixed with a playground for children and public spaces. The park covers the total area of 6500 square meters, and each of them is a real adventure for the child. Just take a look!

Wild yet safe forest for the children

In this park, each child can become a real citizen of the forest. Here you can walk along the bridges between the trees, climb on a tree-house, walking to the swamp in order to reach the ponds with turtles, and get through the bamboo grove. Later you can get into the pool with artesian water, and swim to the labyrinth of streams and fountains. 

Children’s WILD PLAY Garden

The most interesting fact is that one can create a lot of unique routes in Children’s WILD PLAY Garden, and children will open something new for each of them. 

Children’s WILD PLAY Garden deserves the name of one of the best public spaces in the world because it offers a lot of space, safety and a wide range of activities for kids.

At the same time, the park is absolutely safe. During the process of construction, architects spent a lot of time to watch the kids, and track their activities in order to avoid injuries in the future. This principle is used as the foundation for all the attractions in WILD PLAY Garden.


The park was designed and built by architects from ASPECT Studio. The price of the project and construction reach 4 million dollars. The park is open to all guests, but the main attractions can be visited only by children of less than 12 years old. The official description of Children’s WILD PLAY Garden says that the key purpose of the park is to allow modern children to immerse into the world of nature without any risk. Adults will be happy to walk around the hundreds of trees and plants brought from all over Australia.


The park is open from 10:00 until 17:00, and admission is free.

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