The cheapest Dubai apartments for rent

20 September 2016
One can rent the cheapest apartments in Dubai for $6 000 - 8 000 per annum in the districts that are remote from the center.
Statistics are stubborn. So, if it says that workers with almost any income can live in Dubai, it is true, no matter how elite and extremely expensive the city seems to be. An apartment here can be rented at less than $600 a month; taking into account the level of salaries it means that anyone who has a permanent job can live here. What do such low-end apartments look like and where are they located? The cheapest apartments in Dubai nowadays are rented out in Investments Park and Dubai Outsource Zone. According to the Dubai rent index the annual studio rent here in some apartment complexes here is 25 000 - 30 000 AED. It is approximately $6 000-8 000 per year or $500-750 dollars per month. The average price of renting a studio in Investments Park is $6800 per year, which is lower than in any other district.
The cheapest apartments in Dubai
The cheapest apartments in Dubai - International City
The main reason for such low prices here is the remoteness of districts from the downtown. Investments Park is frankly speaking the outskirts of the city, across the highway from the district there is already a bare desert to the south and an industrial area Dzhebel Ali to the west. The district itself is not well developed, although there is a school, supermarkets and hospitals here. Still, the residential complexes here are located next to enterprises and warehouses, there are almost no areas for relaxation and entertainment. Simply put, besides a low price, the apartments here are not attractive in any sense therefore those who need a house only for 7-8 hours of normal daily sleep mainly rent them. Outsource Zone differs from Investments Park only by the absence of industry enterprises. In general, the residential complexes here are literally located in the desert and the trip to the downtown from here takes at least half an hour by car. It is interesting that there are departments of several international institutes and fairly well equipped student campuses in Outsource Zone. Therefore, for someone who loves peace and desert sceneries a cheap studio here can be quite attractive.

The cheapest apartments in Dubai can be rented for 25 000-30 000 AED per annum, which is approximately $500-750 a month. These studios are located in Investment Park and Dubai Outsource Zone.

A little closer to the city, in International City, the apartments are a little more expensive. One can rent a studio in the Warsan complex for 30 000-35 000 AED ($8 000-9 000) per annum, however, the bus transportation in this district is better, which is important for those who constantly work in the downtown. It is interesting that in DubaiLand district, which is even more remote from the downtown, the studios are rented out for 30-40 dirham ($8 000-10 000); higher prices here are explained by the good development of the district. Its residents can enjoy the parks, play sports at the playgrounds and their children can go to the kindergarten right next to the house.

In which Dubai districts can one rent the cheapest apartment?

The apartments for 30 000 - 45 000 AED can be rented at Silicone Oasis and IMPZ; these districts are well developed and it is easy to reach downtown from here. It is not surprising that the demand for cheap housing is booming there nowadays and the rent profits there are the highest in Dubai. One can rent the cheapest apartments in Dubai for $6 000 - 8 000 per annum in the districts that are remote from the center. The apartments themselves here are not significantly different from low-end studios in other districts, however, it is difficult to get to the downtown from here.
The cheapest apartments in Dubai
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At the same time cheap apartments themselves in these districts are tiny studios without a balcony sometimes but usually fully furnished and equipped with all the necessary household appliances. You will probably not feel like the master of the universe, but one person or a family couple can live a modest life here and earn for a more spacious housing.

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