Car rental in Dubai — for real fans of freedom

Car rental in Dubai: firsthand experience. Main benefits of holiday car rental, rental companies, documents and requirements for safety and calm driving.

Firsthand experience: Car rental in Dubai

If you are an independent person and you love to travel on your own, staying away from giant groups of tourists and their guides, feeling total freedom, then Car rental in Dubai is the best option for you.

Main reasons to rent a car during your holiday in Dubai

1.Freedom of movement

Tours are pretty expensive in Dubai, while visiting souvenir shops and solving numerous practical arrangements take a lot of time. As a result you will have less than one hour for the attraction itself. During our first trip to Dubai my family and I had no time to visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, even though we were visiting the capital of UAE because of it. During our next trip we rented a car, used free parking place and spend a lot of time walking around and exploring the city.

2.Affordable price

Car rental in Dubai is relatively affordable: simple car can be rented for $15-18 per day, while more expensive cars are worth $20. If you family consists of 3-4 members, the price of weekly rental is cheaper than a family tour. For example, the price our trip to Abu-Dhabi was $280, which is equal to two weeks of car rental.

Car rental in Dubai

3.Cheap fuel

After Europe fuel prices in Dubai are more than affordable. Don’t forget to include fuel expenses. But you will spend less money than ordering taxi to visit all the places and attractions.

4.Amazing roads

I am still shocked with high quality of the road surface, proper highway striping and road signs: everything is clear and understandable. You won’t meet any drunk drivers, as well as any alcohol in local shops. Drivers don’t make unpredicted movements and showing the highest level of driving culture.

5.New and modern fleet in the majority of companies

All cars are pretty new and in perfect condition. The majority of cars has less than 2000 kilometers on the odometer.

Car rental in Dubai


In order to rent a car you need to have the following:

  • national and international driver’s license
  • international passport
  • you are not less than 21 years old
  • your driver’s license was issued more than 12 months before
  • an international credit card.

Car rental in Dubai: is it good idea to rent a car for your holiday, rental charges, required documents and pitfalls.


You can rent a car in one of the numerous rental companies right in Dubai, but it’s cheaper and more convenient to rent a car in advance via internet.

Open your favorite search engine and type “Car rental in Dubai”. You will find a bunch of useful websites. During our last trip to Dubai we were using brand new Volkswagen Jetta and we paid only $23 per day (including taxes, which are paid at the moment of car return).

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