Candylicious – is the biggest sweets shop located in Dubai Mall

Candylicious – is the real paradise for the fans of sweets and candies. Here you can find more than 5,000 variants of sweets from various countries in the world, having the opportunity to try all of them absolutely for free.

Candylicious in Dubai – the biggest shop with sweets in the world

Do you remember ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ movie? Who wouldn’t be happy to make a trip into the imaginary world with chocolate rivers and trees made from candies? We think that the creators of the biggest candy store in the world were the real fans of this fairytale in the childhood. Nevertheless, Candylicious is located on the area of 3000 square meters and contains the collection of more than 5,000 various sweets delivered from all over the world. By the way, this shop also offers the collection of Wonka sweets.

Paradise for a sweet tooth

Candylicious is located in one of the most famous shopping malls in Dubai called Dubai Mall. You won’t miss it because the entrance is decorated with giant chocolate trees decorated with astonishing colorful lollipops. The guests in the shop will be greeted by the 2-meter M&M’s chocolates. In addition to the incredible decoration, the shop offers an incredible scent of candies and chocolate, attracting people from the entire mall. Both kids and adults can’t resist this passion. 

Candylicious in Dubai Mall

The shop offers sweets and candies from virtually any country in the world. It has as the most popular and luxurious brands, as well as unpopular sweets from the Oriental countries. The best thing is that one can try virtually everything absolutely for free. All the shelves offer free products for the visitors, allowing them to choose the best option before buying it.


It’s recommended to begin your journey into the world of sweets from the main hall. One of its walls is covered with a set of giant Pic and Mix shelves. Giant Chupa-Chups lollipops from Spain and human height chocolates are also here. One can meet the most popular characters from Disney’s tales, as well as other cartoons and stories. One can find sweets from Hello Kitty, Minions, Ninja Turtles, Mickey Mouse and other characters. There’s a vast choice of chocolate with various fillings (including one with pepper and corn brought from Mexico), caramels, marmalades and other sweets. While walking around the shop, you can discover new secrets and traditions of different countries from all over the world. 

Candylicious in Dubai Mall

Furthermore, this shop offers a wide choice of souvenirs. One can easily find various items having the shape of candies and lollipops, including pens, clocks, cups and even sports clothes for the youngest visitors of the shop. One can also order a chocolate with their portrait, and it will be made in a couple of minutes. 

Candylicious in Dubai Mall

After having enough time in Candylicious, one can go to the second level, and spend some great time in a cozy café, enjoying delicious cakes and gelato right from Italy. 

Open all the secrets of candy making in Candylicious

Candylicious offers not only the opportunity to taste the huge variety of sweets but allows enjoying the process of their manufacturing. Furthermore, guests are able to participate in this amazing activity. The second level offers a spacious presentation zone, where candy makers create colorful candies right in front of the audience. This is incredibly spectacular and enjoyable activity. 

Candylicious in Dubai Mall

First of all, they have to cook caramel, which has to be poured in special metal templates. Later they add various tasty syrups, mixing everything together. The caramel has a gold color, while syrups can be incredibly bright and colorful. As a result, we have a chance to entertain ourselves: adding red syrup that covers the caramel surface, and waiting until the skilled master starts mixing the components, creating new and lovely colors. 

The biggest shop of sweets is located in Dubai and called Candylicious. Here you can find more than 5,000 different species of sweets brought from all over the world. One can find various oriental cadies, Turkish cakes, Italian gelato, and even giant Chupa-Chups lollipops from Spain. One can even try the most of the sweets for free.

When caramel gets solid, they divide it into pieces and press on a special table. They use a special metal heated plate that allows avoiding sticking of caramel. 


The most spectacular part of the show happens when caramel is put on the giant hook and stretched. This is made to add more oxygen to caramel, creating a required shape.

Candylicious in Dubai Mall

After that, depending on the desired taste and pattern, colorful templates are put together and twisted. As a result, we get a big colorful sausage, and it looks impossible to make a small candy from it. The last stage is the most complex and difficult one. The template has the diameter of 20 cm, and it has to be stretched until the diameter reaches less than 1 cm. As a result, we get soft caramel that will be transformed into small candies with patterns inside. 


Address: Dubai Mall, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai

Working hours: 10:00-24:00

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