CabinDays – small houses in nature for the artists

CabinDays are small houses located in the wild nature and offered for rent by Unyoked startup in Australia.

Unyoked startup in Australia has officially launched CabinDays small houses rental service. These houses are located in the wild nature in at least 2 hours from the nearest city. These houses are positioned as the perfect place for writers and poets, who can spend a lot of time in nature far away from the city using all the modern services and amenities.


Currently, only six houses (four in Victoria and two in New South Wales) are offered for rent. Each of them offers a double bed (in case if a writer wants to find inspiration in someone else), a writing table, a chair and a bar with gin and beer.

All the writers in Australia, who want to enjoy the silence, astonishing views from the windows and a lot of gin, can rent so-called CabinDays houses located in the wild nature far away from the city.

The design of the houses was elaborated by Fresh Prince studio in Sydney and offers giant windows and a wooden texture on the inner part of the walls. Of CabinDays houses are provided with solar electricity, which makes them totally autonomous.

Australian startup offers CabinDays mini-houses located far away from the cities for rental


At the beginning of the project, all tenants are offered with 5 free days of accommodation, a full set of writing amenities and a full bar. Unyoked plans to launch two more CabinDays houses every year.

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