Everything about the Butterfly Garden opening hours in Dubai

07 September 2017
Butterfly Garden opening hours are different from those of the Miracle Garden; furthermore, the Butterfly Garden is open even during the summer.
Dubai Butterfly Garden is open every day from 9am till 9pm during the working week and from 9am till11pm on Friday and Saturday. There’s no lunch hour, and the visitor of the park can stay there till the end of the day with the very same ticket. As we can see the Butterfly Garden has different opening and closing times in comparison with the Miracle Garden that is located right next to it, causing many people to visit both park during one excursion. Entrance while Butterfly Garden opening hours. One has to keep this difference in mind in order to plan a visit to the Miracle Garden. Usually, guests prefer to visit the Butterfly Garden first, because it offers comfortable temperatures during the day hit, and go to the Miracle Garden in the evening. Furthermore, the Miracle Garden is equally interesting and attractive at night and during the sunset. Opening hours of the park are also important for those planning to visit the Global Village on the very same day. Tourists are usually spending more time in the village than planned, thus you need to understand the required amount of time for each sight.

Does the summer closure of the Miracle Garden affect the Butterfly Garden opening hours?

Many tourists are sure that the Butterfly Garden is one of the key elements of the Miracle Garden. That’s why they think that when the Miracle Garden is closed during the summer, the Butterfly Garden is also not available. This is totally wrong. The Butterfly Garden is working totally independently from the Miracle Garden and open throughout the year, even when the Miracle Garden is closed. During the summer visitors are using a separate entrance and the park offers the very same working schedule. Consequently, there’s no special opening day for the Butterfly Garden, because it can be visited every single day.

Timings of the Dubai Butterfly Garden during the Ramadan

The Butterfly Garden opening hours are not changed during the Ramadan. Guests are able to visit the park using the very same timings as before. It’s worth noting that the park is open each and every day during the month Ramadan. It’s worth noting that the metro of Dubai is closed at 12am. If you plan to leave the park at 11pm, you can be late for the last train. However, it’s recommended to visit the park in the evening, because you won’t suffer from the crowds of tourists.

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