Burj Khalifa in Dubai is transformed into the laser show stage

The amazing laser show called '99 names of Allah' will be shown on the walls of Burj Khalifa during the Ramadan after the sunset.

The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, will be used as the stage for the laser show in Ramadan, which can be seen from any part of the city. The show is a part of Ramadan celebration and will be performed several times per day until the end of the month.

Burj Khalifa laser show

The idea of the show is the visual representation of 99 names of Allah. One will see the following names on the walls of Burj Khalifa: Al Qudoos, Al Rahim, Al Malek, Al Rahman). Nevertheless, even if you don't speak Arabic, you can enjoy the constantly changing images of the incredible scale because they cover the entire tower.

Burj Khalifa will be transformed into the giant screen for the laser show: every day one will be able to see the picture from '99 names of Allah' by Art Noor Group.

The show for Burj Khalifa has been chosen from the hundreds of applicants. '99 names of Allah' by Art Noor Group was considered the best. The show will be demonstrated every day after the sunset till the end of Ramadan. It will be shown every hour from 19:45 till 22:45 from Saturday till Thursday, and every thirty minutes from Thursday till Saturday. 


It seems that this show is another great reason to visit Dubai during Ramadan.

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