Bondi Beach in Sydney – one of the 10 best beaches in the world

Even though swimming in Bondi Beach is mostly prohibited because of strong currents, dangerous sharks and jellyfishes, it’s still considered one of the top ten beaches in the world and included into the list of the national heritage of Australia.


In 2008 Bondi Beach in Sydney was included into the list of the national heritage of Australia. This picturesque place is located all along the coastal line of Sydney. This beach is appreciated not only by the locals. Bondi Beach is considered one of the 10 best beaches in the world. It offers snow-white beach and burning sun throughout the year. The overall length of the beach is more than 1 kilometer, while the width varies from 50 to 100 meters. That’s why there’s always a lot of free space for people who prefer both patient and active beach holidays. 

Surfing, diving, and other activities

Even though Sydney is a warm city, the temperature of the Tasmanian Sea never goes above 16-22 degrees. This is one of the reasons why people don’t really want to run into the water. However, there’s one more reason. This place has a lot of strong currents, which can take people to the sea. Furthermore, dangerous sharks and jellyfishes love this place, making it dangerous for the guests. That’s why the northern part of the beach received 4 points and the southern part – 7 points from 10 in the danger rating. 

Bondi Beach – the best beach in Sydney

During the summer the beach is equipped with special nets, which protect people from predators; however, this solution is not really adequate. Safety zones are marked with special flags, and people are not allowed to cross their borders. 

Useful information

There are many hotels with sea water pools in Bondi Beach. The water is treated and heated to make it more comfortable. Some hotels allow paying only for the pool without booking a room.


In such conditions, many tourists are surprised with the fact that such a strange beach is called one of the best in the world. The thing is that this place offers unique views and panoramas, as well as special locations for surfers. The southern part of the beach is constantly washed with strong waves, making it incredibly attractive for the surfers from all over the world. This place hosts the annual festival of surfers that attracts more than 2000 guests from all over the world. 


Not only professionals are able to fight with the strong waves of the Tasmanian Sea. There are two surfing schools on the beach, where one can rent all required equipment and book a session with a couch.

Bondi Beach is considered one of the objects of the national heritage of Australia, and one of the ten best beaches in the world. However, people are usually surprised by these facts when they discover that the water is always cold, while swimming is mostly prohibited because of strong currents, dangerous sharks and jellyfishes. Despite all these, Bondi Beach has a lot of attractions and benefits, which make it popular and gave it the name of the best beach in Australia. 

The most courageous people can go right to the diving centers; however, diving is possible only during a specific period in time when currents and sharks are less dangerous. 

For those, who prefer active sports, the beach offers tennis courts, volleyball fields, skateboarding ramps and open gyms. 

Center of activities and culture

It’s worth noting that Bondi Beach has something to offer even for those, who prefer patient time spending. The beach is really long and wide, and one can easily find a place for tanning and relaxation. There’s a green zone where people like to make picnics and spend a great time in nature. 

Bondi Beach – the best beach in Sydney

One can also go to a café or a restaurant in order to taste local foods and spend memorable moments. There’s a wide choice of shops and markets. Every Sunday this place hosts a fair, where one can buy unique handmade clothes and products. 

It’s worth noting that Bondi Beach became the center of the social life and activities. It’s frequently visited by foreigners and locals during the day and at night. there’s a lot of bars and nightclubs working 24/7. 

Bondi Beach hosts a lot of exhibitions and festivals. One can go to the exhibition of sculptures, the festival of kites, the competition between surfers, and many other events. 



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