The Boardwalk walking zone around the half-moon of Palm Jumeirah

15 October 2017
The new Boardwalk walking zone on the island of Palm Jumeirah: the exact location, how to get there, what to do, where to eat and what to observe?

Walking on the Boardwalk: what to do?

The new walking zone created especially for pedestrians was open in November 2016. The name of it is Boardwalk. This is a well-maintained plank covering, stretching around the half-moon of Palm Jumeirah along the Crescent Road. You will enjoy 11 km of pure joy, walking from Rixos hotel on the East and One&Only The Palm hotel on the west! This is the best place in the gulf for walking, where you won’t be disturbed by noisy cars or annoying cyclists.

The Boardwalk of Palm Jumeirah

In order to show you the colossal level of the promenade, we want to tell you that the contractor spent 41 million dollars to build it! The most beautiful buildings of the Palm are located all along the Boardwalk, while the famous Atlantis palatial hotel is located right in the middle of it. But one can just turn their head and forget about the city, enjoying the sea that is lightly whispering right near to your feet.

We can say that the Boardwalk is the very first project in Dubai that was made especially for pedestrians. Thus, people can do only one thing here – walk along the promenade, enjoying the grandiose metropolis and the beauty of the mirror-like surface.


Such a luxurious walking zone is finally available in the city full of cars, where people are suffering from the lack of pedestrians care. It’s worth noting that even bicycles are not allowed to be used on this 6-meter wide boardwalk, even though it has plenty of free space. That means people with small kids can walk patiently, without the risk of being hit by a bicycle.

The Boardwalk around Palm Jumeirah is 11 kilometers of a convenient plank covering where one can enjoy the most fascinating views of Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and the endless sea.

One can use one of 14 entrances on the Palm to enter the promenade. Viewing points near Rixos and One&Only The Palm hotels can be used to observe the mainland of Dubai with its amazing skyscrapers, while the central part near Atlantis is perfect to look over the gulf.

walks on Palm Jumeirah

Fresh air and long walking will wake your appetite up, thus there are special food trucks with drinks and snack moving along the Boardwalk. There are 5 of them at this moment, but the total number will be increased up to 20. That means the real fans of fast-food won’t be disappointed. By the way, such food trucks are unique and can be found only in Dubai.

Local authorities promise to build two 100-meter piers on the east and west ends of the promenade in order to make the walking zone bigger and provide enough space for restaurants. Very soon there will be a wide choice of places to relax.


However, even now, when tourists can enjoy only 11 km of the plank covering, the Boardwalk received many amazing reviews. It turns out that a lot of people like jogging or walking for three hours around the Palm and enjoying various snacks from the food truck. Such way of relaxation has never been available in Dubai till now!

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