Discounted tickets for La Perle Show

Guests of Dubai are offered to buy discounted tickets for the famous La Perle Show during the Ramadan, after it, and till the end of September – prices start from $54.

You will almost commit a crime if you come to Dubai in summer, and avoid visiting the picturesque La Perle Show. This is a vibrant show that tells about the history and the chic of Dubai. This show was staged by the famous Franco Dragone and tells about the union between the history and culture of Dubai with its modern technological perfection. Organizers of the show decided to give the opportunity to watch the show for each and every person. Starting from May 13, people are able to buy discounted tickets for La Perle Show for the summer months, which are always not really popular among the tourists.

Discounted tickets for La Perle Show

The most affordable Silver tickets are already available for 199 AED ($54), Gold tickets can be purchased for 249 AED ($68), while one Platinum ticket is worth 299 AED ($82). These prices are effective for the period from June 13 till September 30, 2018. One can buy tickets as in La Perle Theater, as well as on their website:

One can visit La Perle show of famous Franco Dragone during the period from June 13 till September 30 with a discount.

The show is carried out twice per day: at 19:00 and 21:30 from Tuesday till Friday, and at 16:00 and 19:00 on Saturday. The theater is closed during the Ramadan.


Furthermore, till the end of the May one will get a discount voucher for the dinner in the restaurants of Al Habtoor City shopping mall. As a result, one can wait until the Ramadan is over in order to entertain and eat something delicious with a giant discount.

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