Best places for chocolate destinations (Part 2)

07 March 2019
If you come here in colder months, try local hot chocolate – cioccolato calda – that will warm you up with its rich taste, a pleasantly bitter hint and thick, creamy texture.

We decided just five destinations aren’t enough for true chocolate fans. So here are five more cities you can add to your gastronomic route.

Any place in Turin, Italy

Turin is all about chocolate, so the problem of choice here is sooner related to a chocolate dish than a place to enjoy it at. If you come here in colder months, try local hot chocolate – cioccolato calda – that will warm you up with its rich taste, a pleasantly bitter hint and thick, creamy texture. The drink usually comes with whipped cream on the top and is to be enjoyed in sips. Another delicious chocolate dessert to try here is bicerin that consists of hot chocolate and espresso in layers and comes in glass cups. This one is available just in Turin, so don’t miss your chance. For non-liquid options, try gianduiotto – an ingot-shaped candy produced from sugar, cocoa and hazelnut.

Useful advice: for a true chocolate celebration, come to Turin in February, during CioccolaTò held here since 2003. You can purchase a special pass at the tourist office and buy sweet delights throughout Turin.

Valrhona, France

Located in the small town of Tain l’Hermitage, on the left bank of Rhône not far from Lyon, this premium chocolate producer has been in the business since 1922. Valrhona chocolate is a high-grade luxury product preferred by the best chocolatiers and professionals in the world. This chocolate’s distinctive feature is it contains no vegetable fat – only the one derived from cocoa. Valrhona also manufactures vintage chocolate using selected cocoa beans grown on specific plantations. There are options for all levels of chocolate lovers here – sweet-tooths can try and shop high-class delicacies at the local store and professionals are welcome to learn chocolate-based dishes and pastries production at the company’s cookery school.

Useful advice: the chocolate store is open every day except Sunday. You can also visit a picturesque town of Tournon-sur-Rhône located at the father bank.

Chocolatería San Ginés

Chocolatería San Ginés


Chocolatería San Ginés, Spain

The capital of Spain – Madrid – never sleeps, particularly in terms of its constantly popular chocolate cafés – or churrerías – that are normally awake all night long until breakfast time. The local traditional dessert is churro with creamy bittersweet hot chocolate. A churro is a long stick made of fried choux pastry. Look for this chocolate treat at Chocolatería San Ginés café. Be prepared for service careless of the decencies and lively atmosphere.

Useful advice: the cafe is located in Madrid’s central part and is accessible all night long.

The River Café, England

This iconic Italian restaurant appeared 32 years ago, and is now a landmark London eatery with high ratings and celebrity chefs. It’s trademark dessert is chocolate Nemesis cake cooked without flour and boasting a head-spinning amount of chocolate.

Useful advice: London offers a special chocoholic’s tour designed by the country’s leading chocolate experts.

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, England

If you’re looking for an all-chocolate stay, head to Bournemouth coastal resort town, and book a room at the Chocolate Hotel. Chocolate-colored walls and furniture, sampling and cooking classes will satisfy anyone’s cocoa hunger.

Useful advice: the hotel is located not far away from the beach and the town’s center, on the West Cliff. A long walk down the beautiful beach will get you hungry for the chocolate delicacies.

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, England

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, England


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