Best places for chocolate destinations (Part 1)

01 March 2019
Invented in 1832 by Franz Sacher to amaze his customer, an Austrian diplomat, this creation crowned its author with immortality.

All chocolate lovers are very welcome to read this article, and find out some great places from different corners of the world, where cocoa-based dishes can be enjoyed.

Maison Cailler, Switzerland

Cailler is one of the oldest Swiss chocolate companies operating a factory since 1898 and located in Bronc village. Visitors get a chance to watch the production process, and of course enjoy a generous helping of the famous chocolate in the degustation room.

Useful advice: the excursion will take you about 90 minutes. There are nice walking paths to hike close to the plant. You may like going for a stroll near Gruyère Lake or climb some hills.

Magnolia Bakery, USA

The small comfy New York bakehouse was designed in 1950s style and became popular after Sex and the City series’ actors dropped by. The local desserts are colorful and bright, and offer such items as red chocolate cupcakes as well as fruit puddings, cookies, cheesecakes and brownies. One more highly recommended chocolate thing is the German cake.

Useful advice: this bakery has four selling spots including the one located on Bleecker Street branch that appeared in Sex and the City series.

Magnolia Bakery, USA

Magnolia Bakery, USA


Max Brenner, USA

This place became well-known thanks to the hot chocolate that is served here in a unique hand warming pot. Perfectly placed on New York’s Broadway, this place boasts an unthinkable choice of chocolate goods – from truffle alcohol drinks and chocolate fondue to chocolate dark beer.

Useful advice: if you don’t want to wait for a table, better make a reservation in advance.

Maya Chocolate, Mexico

You get an opportunity to taste Maya-styled hot chocolate – a thick sweet drink with a touch of bitterness, chili peppers’ sharpness, and foam – in a place where chocolate was probably born. The word “chocolate” itself is considered to appear from the local “x o c o a t l”. The Spanish conquerors would temper its bitterness using sugar, cinnamon, powdered nuts and milk. We recommend trying both versions.

Useful advice: there is a nice museum dedicated to cacao and a cacao estate in Comalcalco city located in the same state of Tabasco.



Sachertorte, Austria

Vienna is not just a beautiful city with something royal in its unhurried atmosphere. It’s the home of the famous Sachertorte. This dessert consists of a chocolaty cake, a thin coating of fruit jam, and a cover of dark chocolate glaze. Invented in 1832 by Franz Sacher to amaze his customer, an Austrian diplomat, this creation crowned its author with immortality. Forty-four years later, his son opened a cognominal hotel in Vienna. Try the legendary cake at the hotel’s exquisite café or any of the four stores.

Useful advice: for an ultimate Sachertorte experience, top it with whipped cream and enjoy it with coffee or champagne.

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