Best guide for a great weekend in Salzburg city

You will find the most picturesque views of Salzburg here, either by using the country’s oldest cable-railway or by taking a 20 minutes long walk.

Read our article for an instruction on how to spend an ideal weekend in Salzburg. This historic Austrian city is rightfully considered a wonderful European destination, thanks to its mountain background, ancient fortress and enormous beerhouses. Hosting the iconic summer music festival that will soon celebrate its hundred anniversary, Salzburg is also the city of music.

Things to explore

#1. The melody

Salzburg is famous for homing the priest Joseph Mohr who composed the lyrics to a popular Christmas carol – Silent Night. The small chapel this carol was played for the first time is located in a near-hand Oberndorf bei Salzburg town.

If you don’t want to leave Salzburg though, discover the genius and highly influential composer’s birthplace right in the city center. Mozart’s house is visible because of a big food retail store occupying the ground floor. The construction itself has maintained in a wonderful condition; even the initial wood blinds on its windows have remained. The upper floors house the Mozart-themed museum.

Mozart’s house
Mozart’s house


#2. The beer

With seats for over 1100 visitors, the Augustiner Brau is the country’s biggest alehouse. When the weather allows, take a seat in the beer-garden providing enough space for almost 1.5 thousand of beer lovers. Preparing ale for almost 400 years, this place boasts 5 separate halls with smartly decorated fountains, vintage lighting fixtures and impressive woodware. You will need cash because they don’t accept cards here. This Brau is open until 11 p.m.

#3. The main landmark

Festung Hohensalzburg is the biggest entirely preserved central European castle situated 500 meters over the city on a small hill. The first construction was founded in 1077; the castle was later reconstructed several times and it now consists of a group of buildings. Some of them are museums today. You will find the most picturesque views of Salzburg here, either by using the country’s oldest cable-railway or by taking a 20 minutes long walk.



Salzburg’s shopping

The city’s number one shopping street is Getreidegasse – an elegant place and by the way Salzburg’s oldest street. The present leaseholders are to keep Getreidegasse’s exterior view the same, and so McDonald’s for example has an attractive and curvaceous “M” made from iron.

The most colorful store on the street is Staindl's handmade foods ready for serving. The store offers more than 120 confiture sorts with all you can imagine, from nuts to exotic fruits.

Hohensalzburg Fortress
Hohensalzburg Fortress


Good to know things about Salzburg

  • The local currency is EURO.
  • The official (and spoken) language is German.
  • Tips amount is 10% for restaurants and cabs; for bars and cafés bills are rounded upwards.
  • You probably won’t need to use the local public transport because the city’s size makes exploring it by walking more convenient.
  • For the most breathtaking view, head to Hohensalzburg Fortress.

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