Best experiences in Bucharest

Moving to the north from the center, you will find an impressive duplicate of the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile, and one more romantic public park.

The capital of Romania is sometimes called the “Eastern Paris”. Let’s discover some of the most pleasant experiences Bucharest offers to its visitors.

Look at one of the largest constructions in the world

Bucharest homes the biggest parliament building on the planet – and one of the biggest buildings generally. This is a must-see, by all means, whether you perceive it as a gigantic proof of Nicolae Ceaușescu’s delusion of grandeur or as a demonstration of Romanian resources and technical talents. 60 minutes long excursions can show only a part of the enormous 350’000 square meters building containing over a thousand of rooms. The amounts of marble, hard timber and gold used to construct this building are hard to imagine, especially considering that at the time the country strived to provide for its nation. The dictator and his spouse were involved greatly in the construction process.

Discover the old “Paris” ruins

Even Bucharest’s biggest fans can’t agree with the it’s old nickname of the “Eastern Paris”. The city received this nickname prior to the Second World War, when the local architecture was indeed the French capital’s echo. Further communistic turmoil and a strong earthquake in 1977 destroyed a big part of the old city still leaving some places that saved their elegance scattered around. The Cișmigiu Gardens in the city’s center is a wonderful park with a beautiful lake, old trees and graceful mark signs and benches. Moving to the north from the center, you will find an impressive duplicate of the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile, and one more romantic public park around a lake laid around a lake – Herăstrău Park.

Try traditional Romanian food

Local food is underrated on the international level. Its best dishes are prepared according to tried and true recipes and with locally produced organically clean ingredients, and are filling and nutritious in a grandmaternal manner. “Sarmale”, one of the popular dishes, is a roll made of cabbage and filled with chopped meat and spices. Main dishes usually come with “mămăligă” – porridge of cornmeal with sour cream or cheese. A quick meal worth finding in the streets is “covrigi”, hot baked bread covered with salt or poppy that are sold right out of the oven.



See some up to date art

Currently, Romania has been conquering the contemporary art arena. It all started in the northern part of the country, with a group of young artists. It later shifted to Bucharest where new galleries and design centres were appearing. It is not easy to precisely define what Romanian contemporary art is, but reviewers agree that common features include elements of wit, black comedy, and surrealism. Among the best places to explore this exciting style are Zorzini Gallery, H'art Gallery, and Anaid.

Have fun in the old town

The capital’s historic center received much upgrading and although called the Old City doesn’t look old at all. An area where shoeing of horses and metal working were once more typical, with time was rearranged into a popular zone of club-life and bars. If you want to have a drink, head to Bicicleta boasting unusual furniture made from old bikes. Best clubs of the Old City are represented by top-ranked dance marathons such as La Muse and Mojo.

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