Best eateries in Rome’s central part

09 January 2019
The view is so popular you will probably have to reserve a table at least a week in advance. Ordering a tasting menu is the best decision of the choice problem.

Roman showy restaurants, cozy cafés and simple pizzerias fit any mood and occasion. However, finding a good eatery in the center isn’t often easy. There seems to be a tavern at every turn, but original owners pass away, and the new ones do careless work motivating it with crisis and tourists’ unassuming demeanour. So it becomes even more important to stick to the places recommended by picky locals.

LʼArchetto II. Thin-crust pizza by the rules

In addition to pizza, they also serve unpretentious snacks, pasta and desserts here. You get tasty food in a perfectly located place not far from Piazza di San Cosimato in Trastévere rione. Take a table outside on a warmer day.

L’Archetto II
Via Agostino Bertani 5
Mo-Su 12.30–15.30, 18.30–0.30


Imàgo. Michelin star with high-class view

The view is so popular you will probably have to reserve a table at least a week in advance. Ordering a tasting menu is the best decision of the choice problem. This way you will be able to save time and hurl all effort right on studying the properly arranged wine menu.

Piazza Trinità dei Monti 6
Mo-Su 19.00–22.30



Zuma. An upscale Japan restaurant

This is perhaps the only reliable address in the center of Rome for those who want to have some rest from Italian food. There is a palazzo on the fifth floor belonging to Fendi fashion house. Visitors elegantly deal with sashimi and grilled marbled beef. A bar with aperitives and a terrace is located one floor up. You are supposed to book a table for dinner a week beforehand, and spend the rest time choosing your outfit.

Via Fontanella di Borghese 48
Mo-Su 12.00–15.00, 19.00–23.30


Pastificio Guerra. The cheapest lunches in the city center

You can get a serving of freshly prepared pasta and a glass of water at a very low price here. The only drawback is you may have to wait for yours in a line. Oh, and they have too few tables here. But they have been making their own pasta for a hundred of years or so. Wait and get quality.

Pastificio Guerra
Via della Croce 8
Mo-Sa 13.00–21.30


200 Gradi. Vatican’s heaven-sent tavern

“200 degrees” operate in a manner unhackneyed for Rome – they serve panini that are neither boring nor disappointing. Although this establishment is placed right at the foot of the Vatican Museums, its clients are mostly locals. By the way, the menu offers craft beer.

200 Gradi
Piazza del Risorgimento 3
Mo-Su 11.00–2.00


Ciampini. Exceptional chestnut ice-cream

Chestnut must-try is followed by worthy strawberry and chocolate flavors. The choice is not as wide as at some other popular cafés, and it offers just several kinds. But this oils the path. Local waffle cones are said to be much tastier than those offered at well-trodden gelaterias.

Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina 29
Mo-Sa 7.30–0.00, Su 9.30–0.00


Dagnino. Sicilian sweets by the railway station

Everything is of original quality here – marzipan fruits (frutta martorana), tube-shaped shells with sweet ricotta (cannoli), filling rice balls (arancini) and an inspiring collection of Sicilian wines as a bonus. If you need a breakfast near Termini, this is the perfect place.

Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlano 75, Galleria Esedra
Mo-Su 7.00–23.00

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