Driverless buses in Dubai — already in the emirate

Driverless buses in Dubai: Smarty City Platform plan, testing innovative transportation on the roads of the emirate, agreements with developers.

Transportation without a driver and driverless buses in Dubai are the part of the reality now. Currently several types of vehicles are being tested on the streets of the city. RTA is holding talks with several manufacturers in order to buy safe and secure transportation for the city.

Driverless buses in Dubai

Driverless minibuses in Business Bay

The first testing of driverless buses in Dubai began in November 2016. New smart vehicles were driving along a 650-meter part of Business Bay. The main task was to understand if such innovative transport is safe for the environment and can work in the hot climate of the emirate. In addition local staff was taught the basic of such driverless vehicles usage.

Driverless buses in Dubai are being tested on the highways of the emirate. 25% of transportation will be totally driverless by the year of 2030.

Smarty City Platform Plan

Such testing in Business Bay is a part of so-called Smart City Platform Plan. The main goal of this plan is to make 25% of road traffic in Dubai totally driverless by 2030.

There are several important reasons to choose driverless transportation:

  • reduced car exhaust emissions
  • reduced price of transportation
  • reduced traffic on roads
  • reduced number of dangerous situations and road accidents
  • increased level of customer satisfaction

Keeping in mind that local road and transport authorities are interested in driverless vehicles, starting from February 2017 they are holding competitive tenders among the manufacturers of such equipment. RTA representatives offered manufacturers to start testing of their vehicles right on the road of emirate.

Driverless buses in Dubai

Driverless buses in Bluewaters

The first agreement has been signed already. 2getthere from the Netherlands will launch their driverless minibuses between Bluewaters island project and Nakheel Harbour and Tower subway stations. The distance between stations is 2,5 км.

The total number of 25 buses will work on the line. Each bus can get up to 24 people on board. Travel time will be just 4.5 minutes. At the beginning the company plans to transport 3350 people per hour; however it can be increased up to 5000 people per hour if required.

Driverless buses in Dubai

Other vehicles and driverless buses in Dubai

Local administration also plans to use several driverless taxis as a part of their experiment. At the beginning such remotely controlled buses and minibuses will be used on short distances. They plan to start developing the project and using driverless buses on longer routes only when people are used to such automated transportation.

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