Accommodation in nature – is there any options?

These days renting accommodation in nature or in a hideaway is not a big deal, and one can easily go to forests and mountains having the highest level of comfort.

Many people are dreaming about having a holiday in the wild nature among the singing birds and green trees, without any cars and people. Sometimes we want to hide from the noise of the city, dreaming about the moment of silence. At the same time, the majority of people would like to spend such a memorable time in a comfortable place, and not just in the forest. Even the fans of the classic traveling would like to try something new.

Accommodation in nature

The first idea that comes to the mind is the tent. No doubt, it’s a great option, but it has a lot of disadvantages. There are no basic amenities, and 90% of travelers will feel the lack of comfort while staying in the tent. There are special options for those, who want to feel the nature while having the highest level of comfort.

Guesthouses in national parks and reserves

Such houses are usually located right next to the administration of the natural reserve, or near the border, in order to protect the tourists, and provide the proper level of control to avoid unnecessary problems. 


In the majority of cases, the rental price is more than affordable in comparison with the budget hotels. 

Accommodation in nature

However, the main disadvantage of such houses is the fact that you have to live right next to other tourists and workers of the park, having no chance to feel the unity with nature. 


In another hand, by booking such house, one can live and spend time in the natural park, which is usually closed for the public audience.

Special touristic camps in the wild

Such camps are pretty rare to find these days, but their popularity and high demand on the houses in the wild will support the market in the nearest future. We have already written about such camps located in Danton (Colorado). There was an old village of gold miners, which was renovated and transformed into the guesthouse. 


All of the houses were thoroughly renovated and transformed into the real estate in the middle of the wild nature. Houses are built on hot springs and equipped with personal saunas. 

Wadi Rum Sky Tours & Camp
Wadi Rum Sky Tours & Camp

The same system is offered in Wadi Rum desert and in the most popular places in Sharjah. In other words, this type of accommodation can be found in any country all over the world. By staying here, the tourists are able to enjoy a new level of freedom and comfort

These days numerous websites offer the possibility of booking accommodation in nature, while some of the most comfortable houses can be found even without the booking in advance.

Hideaways for photographers in the natural reserves

This category of accommodation even more restricted than the guesthouses on the border because they are located right in the middle of the park with numerous animals and birds around. The rental price is really high because the construction process requires a lot of money and efforts, but this is the wildest option among all other variants of accommodation. For example, Canada and Scandinavian countries offer numerous hideaways, which are popular among the tourists and visitors.

Guesthouses in the touristic routes

Such houses can be easily found in Lycian Way, Appalachian Trail, and even Norway. Some of them are available absolutely for free, while others have to be booked in advance. Part of them has special sleeping places, while some of them offer the full set of amenities. The most comfortable of them are worth 80-100 Euros per night.

Eagle Brae Sunset Cabin.
Eagle Brae Sunset Cabin.

Unique projects

Finally, there are many startups created all over the world in order to build and rent unique accommodation out. For example, one Australian company offers CabinDay houses located in secluded locations and built mainly for the writers. Some people prefer to build their own houses and places, using TripAways and Airbnb to rent them out, even though they are located in the middle of the forest of a Mongolian steppe. It’s really easy to find and book them, while such stay will definitely stay in your mind once and forever.

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