Arabian Ranches: prospects for investors

29 April 2017
Prospects of Arabian Ranches for investors: prices of villas, convenient location, great transport connection and perfect infrastructure of communities.

Prospects of buying villas in Arabian Ranches of Dubai

After buying a property in Arabian Ranches you receive some kind of public image. By buying a house, you are having not only accommodation, but a new life in one of the most luxurious, green and healthy parts of the emirate.

The area of Arabian Ranches is called “exclusive”, “safe”, “quiet”, “elite”, “harmonious” and “sportive”. By choosing a property in one of the sub-communities (Mirador, Savannah, Hattan or Al Mahra) the owner will live next to the Arabian Ranches Golf Club and well-groomed golf course with 18 holes. This area is also famous with the biggest horse riding Equestrian Centre and a polo club.

Arabian Ranches

What are the prices for real estate in Arabian Ranches?

All villas and townhouses are divided into 12 sub-communities of the first phase and 8 blocks of the second one. Architectural styles are very different and include as traditional Arabic one, as well as Spanish, Andalusian, Portuguese, Moroccan and even Santa Fe style. Prices start from $545000 for several units and reach $6800000 for the most expensive and luxurious villas at Polo Homes.

The price of a square meter depends on the building:

  • 5-bedroom villa — $3400;
  • 4-bedroom villa — $3130;
  • 3-bedroom villa — $3000.

REIDN and ValuStrat agencies call Arabian Ranches one of the best villa investment opportunities in the entire emirate.

Arabian Ranches

Why is it recommended to invest money into Arabian Ranches?

Arabian Ranches has already become a synonym of the luxurious life. Each and every sub-community offers spacious houses with wide terraces, well-groomed landscapes, bicycle tracks, pools, playgrounds, basketball fields, tennis courts and even a skate park. Several schools and kindergartens can be found right here.

People can enjoy long hours if shopping, using local Village Retail Centre or taking a taxi or driving to Mall of the Emirates that can be reached in just 15 minutes.

Emaar managed to connect this area to three of the main roads: Sheikh Zayed Rd, Al Khail Rd and Emirates Rd. These roads make is possible to reach Dubai International Airport in less than 20 minutes.

Another advantage of this area is its multicultural international population. Muslim will be happy to visit local Al Rahman Mosque. Christians can celebrate Christmas during Arabian Ranches Christmas Carnival.

In other words, Arabian Ranches is the best choice for all investors who want to buy a comfortable and luxurious home far from the sounds and noise of the megalopolis.

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