Appian Way in Rome: the path of ancient warriors and pilgrims

Appian Way in Rome: detailed description, important places, photos, and recommendations for tourists.

In fact, Appian Way is nothing but a regular road that has national importance. But why is it so memorable, and why people consider it an attraction?

During the ancient times, this road was used to connect the city with the remote locations on the Italian peninsula and offered the highest quality of the surface. The rocks were put extremely close, so the road looked like a monolith construction. The noble people from Rome started to create their tombs from both sides of the road, and it was a real honor to be buried there.

Appian Way

Appian Way was also used by the warriors and the pilgrims. Currently, it has a picturesque park and people are making tours along the road. Book such a tour if you want to discover many interesting things about the history of Ancient Rome. 

Appian Way is the most important antique way in the Rome that offers a wide range of historical monuments. This is a place when you can feel the history …

In the 20th century, Appian Way was used as the place for various sports events. The most important of them is the race during the Olympic Games in 1960.

Appian Way

Important places on the Appian Way

In addition to the fact that the road is picturesque itself, there are many special places, which you can visit during a tour:

  • Caracalla Thermal Baths, which are currently used as the stage for opera theater
  • Via di Porta San Sebastiano – the gates of Rome in the perfect state
  • Catacombs of Saint Kallistos with the tombs made in 2-4 centuries decorated with the unique murals (entrance fee is 8 Euros for adults and 5 Euros for kids)
  • Basilica of Saint Sebastian with the ancient catacombs (entrance fee is 8 Euros for adults and 5 Euros for kids)
  • Mausoleum of Romulus and Caetani Tower that was built for Cecilia Metella (daughter of the consulate) 

Appian Way

During the tour, one will also visit ancient villas, tombs, churches, and even the arena of the ancient circus. The road is divided into 6 parts (miles), and each of them offers a full range of attractions.

Appian Way

The road is closed for vehicles on holidays and weekend when crowds of tourists are flooding the place.

Recommendations for tourists

Appian Way has a lot of important monuments, and here you can feel the ancient spirit. Be ready to be sad about the ancient times, and the people, who faded away in the past.

Appian Way

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes in order to make your trip comfortable. Take your camera in order to take pictures and videos of the picturesque places and historical monuments. 

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