Americas’ best locations for true food lovers

Perhaps the biggest Arab to Americans ratio in USA can be found in Dearborn, which of course influenced the local food.

Detroit, USA, North America

Did you know Detroit only as a city where autos are produced? Think again because its cooking output is gathering speed.

Eating madness starts here

The oldest district of Detroit – Corktown – is also the liveliest. You will find all kinds of food establishments here, for every meal. Have your first meal at Brooklyn Street Local or visit Dime Store to try guests’ favorite duck dish. A local classic spicy hotdog with onions, pepper and mustard sauces is served at Onassis Coney Island and can serve as a perfect lunch. Asian food? Choose Katoi for a southeast Asian meal, such as creamy khao soy gai soup.

Сreamy khao soy gai soup
Сreamy khao soy gai soup


Eating ethnical

Surprisingly, this city boasts the tastiest authentic eats in USA. Detroit’s districts home Greek tavernas, where souvlaki and moussaka are served. New Parthenon restaurant is an absolute must visit that has a history of more than forty years. Polish eateries are located a little to the north from the center, in Hamtramck, with Krakus and Polish Village Café offering traditional Polish dishes. Perhaps the biggest Arab to Americans ratio in USA can be found in Dearborn, which of course influenced the local food. Great falafel and hummus can be tried at Al Ameer.

Traditional Polish dishes
Traditional Polish dishes: Zurek soup & kanapka 


Where to have fun

For a good night out, go to Midtown neighborhood filled with eateries and bars. At Grey Ghost, they cook some very unordinary things such as gaufre with fried sausages, as well as more classic dishes such as a steak from aged beef. If you’re looking for tapa appetizers, take a notice of La Feria.

Santiago, Chile, South America

Santiago is a curious mixture of native and Spanish cultures, with districts – or barrios – where different eating establishments and market places are waiting to be discovered.

Eating madness starts here

You can dedicate a whole day to eating out in Lastarria. Originally a historic barrio, it is nowadays a neighborhood of ultrafashionable stores and restaurants. Begin your food trip at Colmado, with an omelet for breakfast and a cup of cappuccino – better on the second floor or in the inner bailey. Once you feel hunger, head to Café del Museo for a turkey sandwich with mozzarella and basil cream. If you want a great dinner, you will have to take care of a table at Santiago’s well-liked venue – Bocanáriz. The place is famous for its huge wine card and wine experts who will assist in choosing the right drink for your meal.

Turkey sandwich with mozzarella and basil cream
Turkey sandwich with mozzarella and basil cream


Where to make a meal of your design

Chile capital’s location is an advantageous one allowing it to get the top food ingredients. Places where one can create his own meal can be found in Ricoleta and not far away from Cerro Santa Lucia. Sea food lovers’ choice is Mercado Central where both just caught herring hakes or some cooked bites can be found. For delicious fruits and veggies, herbs and meat, take to the north, to La Vega market place.

Unparalleled food experience

The Bellavista district is a quiet area in the daytime becoming lively after dark. The choice of places to eat out at is big, so don’t skip Peumayén using immemorial recipes of pre-Hispanic dishes. Although the menu is modified constantly, all dishes include original ingredients. A well-known poet Pablo Neruda was a food lover, and even dedicated some of his poems to it. The viands he described are now offered at El Mesón Nerudiano located close to the poet’s home and reflecting its enchantment and style.



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