Palm Jumeirah Park or so-called Al Ittihad

The central Al Ittihad Park located on Palm Jumeirah can be found right in the center of the main island, and offers a 3.2km race track.
Al Ittihad or Palm Jumeirah Park is the central public park located on the area of the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. The park covers an area of more than 100 000 square kilometers and offers more than 60 species of astonishing trees. Main alley in Palm Jumeirah Park. The park also offers the racing track of 3.2 km, an open gym with various training machines, as well as a couple of playground for kids and public spaces for relaxation and entertainment. The park is totally secluded from the noisy highway with a “wall” of hotel buildings, that’s why the atmosphere is always calm and quiet here. There’s a monorail road mounted ride inside the park, but it’s located too high and involves modern technologies, so one can enjoy silence and patience here. This park is really convenient for workouts, walking with kids, relaxing and chatting with people. Furthermore, the park can be accessed for free. Right in the center of the park one can find Byky bike rental station. Al Ittihad is the best place for family walking on Palm Jumeirah. Al Ittihad was open during the National day of the UAE on December 2nd, 2012, and it became some kind of a gift to the entire nation from Nakheel developing company.

Restaurants, cafes and shops near the park

There’s a lot of shops, cafes and restaurants located along the park where one can eat something and spend a lot of memorable moments. For example, while walking in Al Ittihad Park one can visit the following venues:
  • Wagamama Japanese Restaurant
  • Zaroob Restaurant with Arabic food
  • Nando's Restaurant
  • Greek Costa Cafe
  • Bidi Bondi Restaurant
  • Odoner Turkish cuisine restaurant
  • Amy's Thai Bistro
  • Taste Canteen
  • First Golden Mile health-improvement center
  • Spinney's Grocery Shop…
...and many other places. That’s why Palm Jumeirah Park is really recommended not only for those who want to relax, but also for real fans of tasty food and dishes. Restaurants and cafes line along the Park. Nakheel Mall is currently being built in the northern part of the park. The central avenue of the park will lead guests to the mall after the opening ceremony.

How to get to the Palm Jumeirah Park?

One can reach Palm Jumeirah Park using the monorail link, using the station located next to Nakheel metro station. You can also call a taxi or use your own car to reach the park from any part of Dubai. The first station of the monorail link is located right in the center of the park. Monorail station in the center of the Palm Jumeirah Park. There’s a huge parking near the Park for guests with cars. The entrance to Al-Ittihad is totally free and one can visit it throughout the day. You can choose apartment for rent for the vacation in Dubai on the Palm Jumeirah close to Al Ittihad Park...

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