Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi

Yas Waterworld provides an atmosphere of relaxation and fun for all kinds of people – there’s enough space for adults, kids, extreme lovers and people, who prefer patient time spending

It’s pretty hard to surprise someone with the modern water parks; however, the creators of Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi managed to make a real revolution. The park covers an area of more than 15 hectares, and offers more than 40 amusement rides, while 5 of them are unique, and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Here you will find the tallest artificial waves for surfing, unique hydromagnetic slide with the tornado effect, as well as the immersion into the underwater world in order to find real pearls.


No surprise that Yas Waterworld is called the best water park for two years in a row according to the opinion of travelers from all over the world. In case if you plan a trip to the UAE, you simply have to visit this astonishing park...

Yas Waterworld

Extreme amusement for the most courageous people in Yas Waterworld

One can show their real courage, and feel the highest level of adrenaline using two of the following categories: Shaheen's and Dhabi's. In case if you want to immerse into the real hurricane, and feel the tallest waves for surfing, you need to choose Bubble's Barrel. One can also enjoy a bodyboard ride in the Rush Rider. 


You will need even more courage and fearlessness in order to overcome Dawwama. This is a hydromagnetic slide with the height of 238 meters, which creates so-called tornado effect. Fortunately, you won’t fight with it alone because this attraction was created for the groups of 6 people. 

Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi is an incredible world of water with more than 40 attractions (5 of them can’t be found anywhere else in the words) and unique opportunities for a family holiday.

The real lovers of the speed and heights will have something to do too. One can start their adventure with Jebel Drop slide that has more than 300 meters in height. You won’t be able to find a taller slide in the UAE. You need to go there not to make a fast ride, but to enjoy astonishing panoramic views from the main point of the ride. You can see the entire park and amazing sceneries of Yas Island. However, you won’t be able to remember anything because you will be trying to find all the courage in order to go down the slide.


Those people, who are not afraid of the height, can enjoy the Liwa Loop attraction in the Yas Waterworld. This is a combination of a slide and a tunnel that twists like a spiral and gives you a full set of adrenaline. By this way, you won’t be able to find the similar ride in the Middle East.


Such slides as Slither’s Slides a Hamlool’s Humps are not less interesting and amusing. While going down, you will see and hear a lot of special audiovisual effects. 

Yas Waterworld

In case if you want to have a memorable day with your family and friends, you need to choose Falcon's Falaj amusement rides. You can find the person with the fastest reaction in Sebag. You can also start a funny water battle in case if you have a required mood. There’s the vast choice of rides and attractions in the park. For example, you can check the first roller coaster with special effects called Bandit Bomber. While having the ride, one can drop the water bombs and launch colorful rockets, while the audience can answer using water guns.


Don’t forget one thing! The Waterworld is not just a source of adrenaline. It’s a great chance to spend some memorable time next to the water.

Zones for kids and patient relaxation

The easiest thing that you can do in the park, is to take the inflatable boat along Al Raha River or swim in Amwaj pool with artificial waves.


The youngest visitors of the park are offered with a huge number of rides and attractions and even pools. Furthermore, special workers in big costumes are working all around the park, being always ready to create an incredible adventure for your children. Kids will appreciate the fact that one can not only enjoy the rides in the park but also immerse in the atmosphere of endless adventures. 

Yas Waterworld

The park is decorated in a special style that resembles the ancient legend of the United Arabian Emirates about Princess Dana, who was searching for the magic pearl. Visitors will start their journey from Qaryat Al Jewana village, where one can listen to the first part of the legend, and participate in the process of treasures searching. You will pass through all the rides, and will try to find a real pearl at the end of your journey. By the way, the pearl has become a new symbol of Yas Island. That’s why the 8-meter pearl is installed at the highest point of the park, which can be seen from any part of this amazing place. 


During the summertime, the park opens at 10:00, and works till 20:00, while it closes at 18:00 during the winter. However, sometimes the park is open only for women after the mentioned times. 

Address: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, the UAE

Working hours: 10:00-18:00 and 10:00-20:00 depending on the season

Ticket price: from 210 AED 

Official website: https://www.yaswaterworld.com/en

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