Air New Zealand added synthetic patties to the menu and caused a national scandal

Patties from synthetic meat made from soy, grain, and potatoes are offered by Air New Zealand for the business class passengers. This decision caused a national scandal.

The passengers of the business class of Air New Zealand were offered with patties made from artificial meat. The key ingredients are soy, grains, and potatoes. The product was manufactured by Impossible foods. Patties were offered only onboard of the flight heading from Los Angeles to Oakland.


After hearing about that case, the acting prime minister of New Zealand, Winston Peters accused the company of the betrayal of the national economic interests of the country. It’s well known that meat and related products are the second most important source of income in New Zealand, while all attempts to change meat with something artificial may lead to terrible consequences in the national economy.

Air New Zealand

The same idea was expressed by several members of the parliament. One of them called the patties the real threat to the national wealth, as noticed that they may contain GMO (grains and soya). The decision of Air New Zealand was called the “slap” of the national markets.

The highest officials of New Zealand actively criticized the national carrier Air New Zealand for the idea to offer synthetic meat to the passengers onboard.

The representatives of the airline told that they don’t see any reasons to accuse them of betrayal. The official press-release shows that the company spends several million dollars to buy meat every year, while the vast menu has no effect on the budget of the country and the overall image of the meat industry.


Impossible Foods Company was founded by biochemist Pat Brown in the USA. He’s a vegetarian, and he developed the artificial meat. His goal is to substitute real meat with an artificial one by 2035. According to him, it brings not only aesthetic but ecological benefits. The production of artificial meat doesn’t destroy our atmosphere, while cows produce 18% of gases causing a so-called greenhouse effect on the Earth. This idea is incredibly popular in the USA: Impossible foods received $400 million from Bill Gates and Google Ventures.

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