Adelaide – the coziest city in Australia

Adelaide offers the unique architecture and considered one of the best places for living in the world. The city has a lot of natural parks and gardens where one can witness local plants and rare animals.

Sometimes tourists call Adelaide a boring and a quiet city trying to compare it with Sydney. However, one can have such opinion only after making a short walk in the center of the city without even looking further. In fact, Adelaide is a giant metropolis and the capital of the South Australia state. There are many parks, botanic gardens, museums, and art galleries, as well as business centers and shopping malls. Adelaide is considered the fifth biggest city in Australia, but it offers a really unique and well-planned lifestyle. Some people may find it really quiet because you won’t find traffic jams here. However, local people are sure that Adelaide is the best place for living on the continent. 

Adelaide – the capital of South Australia

The city of free immigrants

The process of Adelaide construction began in 1836. Unlike Sydney that was built on the base of the exile convicts, the capital of South Australia was created by free immigrants, and it had a different image right from the beginning. This city was initially planned to be a comfortable place for living.

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The name of the city comes from the name of Queen Adelaide, who was the wife of Wilhelm IV.

One of the founders of the city, who was a colonel from Great Britain, William Light, offered to use a very unusual planning for the city. He decided to use the grid creating wide and perpendicular streets. His idea wasn’t really welcomed, but Light managed to support his project and was successfully implementing them here. He also offered to create the city on one of the hills near the River Torrens, creating a lot of parks and gardens right in the city center. 

Thanks to his amazing idea the city has no traffic jams even today when the number of cars is growing day by day. The roads are wide and free, and all business centers are located in different areas, allowing distributing the traffic in the city. 

Adelaide is a really unique city. During the process of the city construction, the builders used a very unusual city plan. As a result, the city can offer incredibly wide highways and roads right in the center of the city. At the very same time, there are no traffic jams and the city is full of green trees and gardens. Currently, Adelaide is considered one of the best cities for living in the entire world. 

Adelaide was actively developing and becoming a huge industrial and financial center of South Australia. Local people can enjoy one of the highest levels of living quality. At the same time, even though the level of salaries is the same as in other regions of the country, people can benefit from affordable food, accommodation, and other things. 

Adelaide – the capital of South Australia

What to see in Adelaide

South Australia is famous with the numerous parks and nature reserves with beaches. It’s worth noting that Adelaide offers a lot of green zones and parks for relaxation. There are 4 national parks located right in the city, as well as three botanical gardens, and the Adelaide zoo with two pandas from China. 

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While visiting Adelaide, one can take free City Loop excursion buses absolutely for free. Buses depart every 15-30 minutes, taking the tourists to the most popular attractions and locations.

In order to see the variety of nature, one can go to the Royal Botanic Gardens that offers 14 unique zones with plants brought from other parts of the world and Australia. 

Adelaide – the capital of South Australia

If you want to get familiar with the local animals and birds, it’s recommended to go to the Adelaide zoo that offers short mini-tours, where you can see the cutest animals of the region, and even feed some of them. Cleland Park also offers a wide choice of local animals, including kangaroos, wombats, ostriches, koalas, and other fun creatures. 

In case if you want to see albino kangaroos, you can easily go to the Gorge Wildlife Park located on the outskirts of the city. There are many kangaroos and other animals, which are not scared of the people, and can easily approach you.

The Museum of South Australia also offers a vast collection that includes more than 3,000 exhibits. There are many ancient artifacts of Garna aborigines from Papua New Guinea and Oceania. Several halls offer skeletons and parts of the endangered and extinct animals.

Adelaide – the capital of South Australia

Local wines are another gem of the region. Adelaide has several wineries, where you can try the best sorts of wine, and discover the secrets of their production. 

Furthermore, Adelaide is famous for its wide beaches with white sands and blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The scenery is incredibly attractive, but there’s a small problem. This part of the ocean has a lot of cold streams, thus the temperature of the water never goes higher than 19 degrees. 

Finding a home

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