Abandon all clothes, ye who enter here

01 January 1970
The first beach in Canada approved by the government where you don’t have to wear a bathing suit, it offers almost 5 km of sand

Sunbathing naked doesn’t necessarily take a specialized beach – you can do it at the backyard of your cottage. But we guess feeling clothes free is better somewhere people don’t look askance at you.

#1 Red Beach. Crete, Greece

Red Beach is a hidden isolated place with rust-coloured top sand and sky-blue water. It’s located on the south coast of Crete almost in the center of the island, 20 minutes’ walk from Matala village. The beach is surrounded with caves, ancient ruins and saprolite cliffs. It became popular among tourists in 1960s when hippy from all over Europe started coming here. Today it’s a 300 meters long coast line that attracts those looking for peaceful simplicity of natural landscapes.

#2 Valalta. Rovinj, Croatia

One of the most worshipped nudists’ spots, it was opened in the late 1960s in Western Croatia, near Rovinj. Here you can find not only sand, but also camping, bungalows, apartments, all surrounded by olive trees and idyllic vineyards. There are both sand and shingly areas, but most importantly, bright-blue Adriatic sparkling in the sun.

#3 Wreck Beach. Vancouver, Canada

It is the biggest nudists beach of the North America. It was named after the wrecked ship that used to lie ashore. The first beach in Canada approved by the government where you don’t have to wear a bathing suit, it offers almost 5 km of sand. Located only 15 minutes’ walk away from the city center, it is highly popular with the University of British Columbia students.

#4 Cap d'Agde. Agde, France

Cap d'Agde is a world-famous naturist resort situated in the South part of France on Gulf of Lions (Mediterranean Sea). Population of Agde doubles each summer up to 40.000 people. You can not only bath and get some suntan, but go shopping, eating out or sightseeing here as well.

#5 Haulover Beach. Florida, USA

To the North from Miami you can find Florida’s best nudist beach that manages to save its warm friendly atmosphere despite of the fact over 1.000.000 people attend it yearly. It offers 700 m of snow-white sand and fine weather all the year round.

#6 Hidden Beach Resort. Riviera Maya, Mexico

This is a luxurious resort and private paradise for naturalism lovers. 1.5 hours away from Cancun, on the Caribbean seashore, it includes 45 de luxe suites facing the beach. This resort was built especially for nudists, entering the territory is forbidden for under-age people. It provides its guests with discos, bars, spa and the best beaches.

#7 Little Beach. Hawaiian Islands, USA

A quiet beach on the island of Maui not far away from the Big Beach is a secretive area with white sand and clear water. This is one of the most beautiful Hawaiian beaches. In theory, sunbathing naked is not allowed here but the laidback atmosphere makes people turn a blind eye to nudists.

#8 Praia do Pinho. Santa Catarina, Brazil

A power place for all those quailing at the thought of beaches stuffed with tourists, it’s available by walking only. The whole piece of land is 12 km long, with 2 km allocated for nudists. Praia do Pinho is perhaps the most famous nudist beach of Brasil, so if you’re looking for something more isolated, try Massarandupio beach in Bahia.

#9 Anse de Grande Saline. Saint-Barthélemy, France

Saint-Barthélemy is French oversea territory in the Caribbean, a holiday destination of the rich and famous. Grande Saline is a quiet isolated beach with white sand and pure water. A ten-minute walk path leads to the beach. Although nudity is officially prohibited here, the law is not abided.

#10 Le Centre Hélio Marin. Montalivet, France

CHM is considered a place where the naturalist movement was actually born in the early 1950s. In 1953 the International Naturist Federation was founded here. This family resort offers private bungalows, motorhomes and public space for camping.

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