7 ways to save some money on hotel booking

23 January 2020
In case if you know a couple of great tricks, you will be able to find the most affordable hotels all around the world.

In case if you’ve never been abroad, or you traveled only as a package tourist, you may think that all affordable hotels are dirty and full of bugs, while the worthy hotels are more expensive than the entire budget of the tourist.


The experienced travelers are aware of this myth. The thing is that inexperienced tourists are not aware of the tricks and tips, using only advertising offers of numerous tour agencies, and thinking they are the only source of information. In reality, it’s pretty easy to find an affordable hotel. That’s what you need to do...

More choice. Private rooms to apartments and exotic villas to local homes
More choice. Private rooms to apartments and exotic villas to local homes

1. Check accommodation booking websites choosing the same period and the location, and compare with the official prices of the hotels.

Sometimes booking, trivago, onetwotrip and other websites offer prices, which are even lower than the official prices of the hotels. This happens due to the existence of the agreement between the hotels and the systems, which can’t be changed as fast as the prices on the official websites of the hotels. Sometimes the difference can reach 30-50%. 


However, sometimes, the situation can opposite. Booking and Trivago can ask more than the hotel. That’s why you always need to compare the offers and make a booking with the most favorable conditions.

Best Value Hotels in Kata Beach  Read
Best Value Hotels in Kata Beach Read

Don’t forget that such websites are the additional layer of protection for the tourists in case of any problems. Sometimes they can help to find a better room or a hotel in the case when you don’t like the initial choice. You can even get compensation in case if the new hotel is more expensive than the first one. Sometimes it’s better to pay a bit more for such protection.


2. Try to book the most famous hotels from the biggest chains

Such hotels do care about their reputation and loyal customers. Furthermore, such hotels have to comply with the corporate standards. It’s like McDonald's. The hotels of one chain will be similar in Manchester and Istanbul, while the local hotels will offer the lower quality.

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3. Book a hotel in the area that you want to explore

Just check the price of a taxi ride from the hotel to area of your interest. Maybe you can pay additional $10 for the hotel instead of paying $20-30 for the taxi, thus wasting a lot of time every day.

In case if you think that there are no affordable hotels in the chosen destination, it just means that you are not aware of the modern searching algorithms. In this article, you will find 7 useful tips to make your trip comfortable yet affordable.

4. Ask for the price of additional services: meals, cleaning and so on

Many hotels earn a lot of money on additional services while offering attractive prices for the rooms. It may seem that the hotel is cheap, but you will pay for ‘each movement’ and the final bill will be bigger than the price of the most expensive hotel that offers all services at the basic price.


5. Check the offered food conditions

The hotels may offer different conditions. The price of the night in the Golden Lobster hotel can be $20 more expensive than in Yellow Clam, while the guests of Golden Lobster will have the full board, and the guests of Yellow Clam will have no food at all. At the very same time, the average check in local restaurants can be around $30-40 per day.  

affordable hotels

It can be totally opposite! Golden Clam can be located in a distant area, offering cheap cafes for locals, where one can eat a lot of food for just $8-10 per day.


6. Use loyalty programs

Always collect all the cards, certificates and other loyalty stuff. In case if you can’t collect miles or points, you can use this card to get a better or a bigger room for free. 

affordable hotels

And the most important thing – don’t be afraid of asking! There’s nothing bad to ask for a discount! Nobody is going to blame you, and you will be told in case if you ask for something impossible. Ask, and you may get such great bonuses as a discount, a bottle of wine or a free breakfast. Don’t be shy, and you will enjoy the highest level of comfort.



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