5 tricks, which will give you the best places in the plane

It’s not really hard to get the best seats in the plane – you just need to know the passenger allocation rules and forget about the fear of communication with the airline workers.

The comfortable seat in the plane is the guarantee of the convenient and memorable flight. The majority of the tourists believes in luck and depends on the will of the airport worker. Only experienced travelers know that they can affect the process of seat allocation. How can you so that? Here are several important tips...

best seats in the plane

1. While checking in for a flight, talk with the worker,

and say that your friends have already come to the airport, but they are still walking somewhere. Ask not to give the seats next to you to other people, pretending that you want your friends to sit there (say that your friends will ask for these seats).

Avoid sitting in the first row

The idea is the following – in case if the flight is not overbooked, and nobody takes these seats, they will be free throughout the flight.

best seats in the plane

2. Be the last to enter the plane

By doing so, you will see the remaining empty places, being able to take one of them. First people, who enter the plane, have to wait until all other passengers are inside.

Another option is to take a free seat when you hear ‘Boarding completed’ because it means that all passengers are inside. Change your seat because it’s not prohibited.

In case if you think that plane seats are assigned automatically, and you can’t choose another option, you are totally wrong. In fact, the majority of things depend on the workers, and you need to forget about the opinion of other people. That’s what you have to do...

3. Try to take the last rows

First of all, the wing will be far, and you can enjoy amazing views. Secondly, the flight attendants are ready to serve the last rows faster than other people because they don’t have to pass along the dozens of rows, ‘collecting’ other orders. 

Be the last to enter the plane

4. Be careful with the emergency exit seats

The airlines prefer to give such places to big men, who can open the exit without additional hassle. So you will not enjoy your flight sitting with such people. However, if you don’t see such giants onboard, you can easily take such seats because they are more comfortable and offer more free space for legs.

Be careful with the emergency exit seats

5. Avoid sitting in the first row

It may seem that these seats offer a lot of free space, but they are usually given for families with babies, so you will spend a ‘great’ flight, enjoying the screams of the child, and looking at diapers.

That’s why it’s not recommended to come too late for the check-in because the last seats are usually located next to families with young babies.

Avoid sitting in the first row

Never forget about the normal relations between people. Make a compliment for the lady, who checks you in. Say something good to the flight attendant. It won’t cost you anything, and you will see that you ‘occasionally’ got three free seats, while the flight attendant will offer you a free business class seat. 

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