7 healthy options to fight hunger at the airport

19 December 2018
There are various sweetened versions with additives, which probably do more harm than good to your blood sugar levels

When packing for an air trip most people remember their documents and time limits, but don’t pay the same attention to food question. However, eating healthy and timely is crucial for good energy levels and overall well-being. We suggest a few good options to keep in mind when looking for food at the airport.


  1. Fruit

It may stay unnoticed because brighter and bigger eateries and posters often leave it in the shadow. Still, almost any airport café offers fresh fruit such as apples, bananas and citrus – you will find them somewhere near the cash desk.


  1. Fruit Salad

If the previous option seems too boring, you should search for cut fruit close to refrigerated goods. Seasonal fruit combination of watermelon, melon, different berries and grapes is a delicious snack. The fork usually comes with the package so your hands will stay clean.


  1. Oatmeal

Doesn’t a helping of warm oatmeal make for a tasty and saturating meal? Some eateries – think of Starbucks for instance – offer this great item. Those who love their food cooked simple can add only some low fat milk; others can try sweet toppings and fillers such as nuts or dry fruit. Just wait a couple of minutes for the grains to become soft and add the chosen ingredients after that.


  1. Soup

Soups are really good at satisfying hunger and warming you up. A lot of airport food establishments offer this healthy dish prepared in various ways. We recommend you to stay off the fatter ones – cheesy versions for example – and opt for more traditional soups based on meat or veggie broth. This meal may keep you full for time long enough, sometimes even allowing you to get to the point of destination without starving.


  1. Yogurt

Dairy food like plain yogurt contains a good dose of protein that is effective in fighting hunger. You will definitely find several options at almost every store available in the morning hours. There are various sweetened versions with additives, which probably do more harm than good to your blood sugar levels leaving you hungry again quite soon. So try mixing some plain yogurt with fruit or berries instead, and avoid yogurts overloaded with sugar, fat and extra calories.


  1. Salad

Salads are not always as harmless as we think. Some can actually turn out as caloric as a generous helping of fast food. To make the right choice, go for an option mostly containing vegetables and coming without any dressing whatsoever. You can either have it on the side or ask for extra virgin olive oil – again, separately, in a bottle – to add a tablespoon of it on your own. Some lemon can also make for a wonderful dressing, and combined with a touch of salt and black pepper will transform your salad into a tasty and filling, guilt-free meal.


  1. Your own food

Preparing a meal beforehand, putting it into a container and taking with you is always a great idea. First, there’s hardly anyone who knows your food preferences better than you do. Second, this way you are in control of all the ingredients used. Finally, it’s the most budget friendly option. You can prepare some fruit or veggie salad, make a chicken wrap or a sandwich with whole grain bread.



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