5 ways to help you vary your foreign trips

13 December 2018
This way you will both have a chance to get accustomed to the local culture and make new friends.

Experienced travelers often ask themselves how it’s possible to make a vacation more fun. The answer is simple – be proactive and dive into variety of things every destination offers. For example, to do that, choose a different strategy and keep out of most visited tourism web sources and landmarks. Below are five useful tips that may help you see any country from a different angle.


#1 Lose yourself

Be a little more adventurous and simply forget about maps and GPS. Have no route and try going where your eyes take you. You can eventually find yourself in an unknown area somewhere in the suburbs surrounded by strangers and feeling a bit scared – especially if you don’t have a good command of the local language. Enjoy exploring places no guidebook will show you. Just don’t do that in the late evening.


#2 Have a meal with locals

Use the Internet to arrange a meal at a locals’ home beforehand. Today, many companies provide a service of connecting tourists with hosts so they could meet at the table to share a meal. This way you will both have a chance to get accustomed to the local culture and make new friends. Eating together erases boundaries.


#3 Hang out with locals

Join some cultural event or a team game to start communication. Search for an exposition or a music concert poster while walking the streets, or ask someone where the locals play sports if you’re keen on sports. Sometimes all it takes is asking a group of people playing beach volleyball if you can join them. Wherever this takes place, people will most probably welcome you, and later you may already find yourself sitting in a bar discussing life. Sharing a mutually interesting activity is always a great help in starting a conversation.


#4 Ask for a piece of advice

Be more outgoing. If you don’t know where to have dinner, simply ask someone what eatery they would recommend. Sometimes people just invite you to join them for a meal, and you can end up good friends. Alternatively, ask strangers to take you to their most favorite food establishment, and offer footing the bill. Chances are it will be one of the most memorable gastronomic – and not only – experiences in your travel life.


#5 Look through a broader lens

If you tend to limit your vacation to the biggest and most popular cities, try exploring smaller places. You can find so many atmospheric places simply by moving a few miles away into the country. Villages and suburbs away from popular paths have hidden cultural experiences. Visit such places using local enterprises that allow curious travelers to see the real country and its people.

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