5 foods of San Francisco

17 May 2019
How about Japanese donuts or donuts filled with ricotta mousse and accompanied with fruit sauces?

With many signature dishes as well as foreign infusions San Francisco has succeeded in satisfying the most exquisite tastes. A lot of food cooked here is seafood based, thanks to the city’s location in the Bay Area. We have chosen 5 dishes to consider during your trip to the Fog City.


Fisherman’s stew

Fisherman’s stew, cioppino

This Italian-American dish mainly known as cioppino is a famous fish soup of San Francisco origin. In short, this is a mix of any fresh seafood like crabs, shrimps, scallops, etc., and Italian key products such as tomatoes, olive oil, culinary herbs and flavor condiments. Its history dates back to the end of the 19th century when cioppino was prepared on boats and then taken aland.

Alioto’s Restaurant, San Francisco

It will be great if you try it at Alioto’s Restaurant where it became the local culinary icon many years ago.


Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder creamy soup

This is the second seafood related dish on our list. Served at numerous local restaurants this creamy soup is cooked of clams and broth laced with potatoes and onions.

The Grotto SF best view restaurant with Clam Chowder

For the tastiest clam chowder, head to one of the restaurants along San Francisco Bay, like Chowders for example, where it is served in an edible bread bowl.


Dim Sum

Dim Sum chinese dumplings

Let’s move on to international cuisine. Since about 20% of citizens have Chinese roots, and there are 4 Chinatowns here including one of the biggest and oldest in the world, it’s no wonder Chinese food is extremely popular in San Francisco. Chinese dumplings – dim sum – were brought to the masses in large part thanks to East Asian cuisine existing here.

Great Eastern restaurant San Francisco

Traditional dim sum is cooked at Great Eastern also known for being Barack Obama’s choice in 2012.



Burrito lead table, San Francisco

Having a local burrito will add a little Mexican touch to your food journey. The local burrito version – Mission burrito – dating back to 1960s is a sizeable wrap which includes additional ingredients such as rice or beans.

La Taqueria San Francisco

La Taqueria that won the national burrito contest outdistancing over 65000 competitors rightfully makes for an ideal eating out option.




San Francisco offers countless variations of donuts including organic and vegan options. How about Japanese donuts or donuts filled with ricotta mousse and accompanied with fruit sauces? We can go on and on. Locals are said to be the biggest donut fans in the whole USA.

Bob’s Donuts, San Francisco

Bob’s Donuts have been in the game for almost 60 years still making donuts by hand from ground zero.

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