2 must-dos in summer Saint Petersburg, Russia

05 June 2019
The latest technologies, bold experiments and sometimes jaw-dropping contemporary art objects can be spotted here.

Saint Petersburg is charming in summer – especially if you are lucky and it’s a warm one. Long days, white nights, stylish people, and the unique vibe you feel when wandering along the smaller and quieter streets of the historical center make you come back for more, sooner or later. 

Winter palace in period of white nights in Saint Petersburg

Here are two ways to spend a couple of hours here on summer day, no matter how merciful the weather is.


Traveling the rivers and canals

Traveling the rivers and canals

This tourists-aimed entertainment is something the citizens enjoy too, at least once a year. Buying a ticket to one of the numerous river boats and launches is the simplest way to admire the local palaces and cathedrals from a different perspective. In summer, it can be done at every turn including the landing-places near the Hermitage and on any riverfront steps away from the Nevsky prospect.

Night cruise under the lifting bridges

The route is more or less traditional and usually implies entering the Neva river water expanse through the labyrinth of smaller rivers and canals. For a more impressive water walk, try the local specialty – a night cruise under the lifting bridges.

Single bout in Neva, Sain Petersburg

However, if an excursion format is too boring for you, and listening to the guide talking the city’s history isn’t a fun enough accompaniment, rent a separate boat, choose your route and grab some wine. Whichever option you choose, bring warm clothes with you because it will be windy, and watch your head when passing under lower bridges.


Seeing Russian contemporary art

Erarta museum of modern art in Saint Petersburg

Being the largest Russian contemporary art museum, Erarta is well-equipped for a pleasant unhurried exploration of its expositions occupying five floors. Fine air-conditioning, silent elevators, a friendly café with delicious cakes and a balcony, and art stores allow this museum meet European standards. The latest technologies, bold experiments and sometimes jaw-dropping contemporary art objects can be spotted here.

Instalation - Model bipolar activity, Erarta, Sain Petersburg

Erarta’s permanent exhibition includes more than 2800 works of artists from all over the country. Dozens of expositions featuring pictorial art, sculpture, design, fashion and video art occur here every year. Its performance venue hosts famous alternative rock bands and musicians, theatre performances and film festivals.

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