12 tips on how to spend less traveling solo (2)

12 March 2019
Messages, calls and Internet traffic can leave you nervous about how much is spent and left.

Carry less things with you

You don’t need this extra clothes and those shoes. Pack hand-luggage to avoid additional fees for excess baggage. Besides, the fewer bags you carry, the easier it is to move around a new place. Imagine the nearest bus station is a couple of kilometers away from your hotel. Taking a cab is costly, there’s no subway station in sight either, and you have too many things to cope with on your own. To not experience this, pack light.

Get a local sim-card

An access to online maps is essential for navigation when you travel on your own. But even the cheapest international roaming plan can cost you a fortune. Messages, calls and Internet traffic can leave you nervous about how much is spent and left. Purchasing a limited time access sim-card at a local mobile phone store can be a good solution. And you don’t even need to know the foreign language, to succeed in that because most sales assistants will offer installing the new sim-card for you. To not waste megabytes, turn down automatically refreshing apps and switch on the airplane mode when you don’t use your phone.

Plan your meals ahead

Hotels offering free breakfasts give an advantage of keeping your energy levels high up until lunch. You can snack on something during the eating peak hours and then benefit from deals during happy hours, or go to a buffet at the end of lunch pricing. Having two big meals can both save money and give you more time for exploring the city. However, if two meals are not enough for you, you can ask for a doggy bag after lunch and arrange a dinner.

Search free walking excursions

This kind of sightseeing tours are of European origin and mean you pay the guide a compensation you can afford, rather than a set price. Such excursions are now popular all over the world – from Sweden, to Portugal, and from Iceland to Brazil and USA. These tours are usually very well prepared, interesting and detailed. And if this alone isn’t enough, you also get valuable advice from your guide on how to spend less in the city he shows you around. He understands your concerns and budget limitations, and will recommend less-known eateries with great food at reasonable prices.

Spend less on show tickets

Did you ever think a lone seat with a partial view placed somewhere in the middle row can be your pass to another great seat with a perfect view? It’s about buying a cheap ticket, being observing, and following a neighboring audience group to an empty lower section during an act wait which will let you enjoy the rest of the show with a great view.

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