12 tips on how to spend less traveling solo (1)

04 March 2019
If you are one of those museum lovers, you may be unpleasantly surprised with entry costs of such popular must visits as Louvre (Paris) or Field Museum (Chicago).

You may think that traveling solo is more costly because renting a car, ordering a taxi and paying for accommodation – to start with – aren’t divided inside a company of travelers. If this scares you, here are some good tips on how to save money during your next trip.

Be open about your destinations

This is simple. You don’t need to wait for anyone or spend time choosing a destination the entire company want to travel to. So you can use the benefits the last-minute deals provide. Services like Skyscanner or applications like GTFO let you find flights to all corners of the world. You can explore very different destinations – from Denmark and Ireland to Brazil and China. For example, sometimes you can grab a one-way ticket return flight for just $50, with an opportunity to cancel your purchase within 24 hours after it occurred provided by all major US airlines.

Choose the low season

Although January is considered one of the cheapest months for traveling, think of the off-season in terms of the destination you choose. We are not talking about going to Thailand during the rainy season or appearing in New Jersey to find everything is closed. You may take notice of places to the south from the equator when it’s winter there, the temperature is lower and it’s more humid. The tickets will most probably be cheaper.

Consider one-way flights from local airports

Today, you don’t always receive cost-effectiveness from an out-and-return flight. Flight aggregators – such as Momondo – have options allowing you to search the best offers on each leg. For instance, you may consider two different nearby terminals for landing and taking off. This way, you also get a chance to explore more than one city arterial.

Visit cities with entrance free museums

If you are one of those museum lovers, you may be unpleasantly surprised with entry costs of such popular must visits as Louvre (Paris) or Field Museum (Chicago). Why not choose cities to travel to where museums don’t have any admission fee? One example is the National Zoo in Washington. You can visit London’s British Museum and the National Gallery free of charge as well.

Become a part of a solo travel group

Use the benefit of spending less a group travel offers leaving the transportation matters to professionals. Just find a travel agency that specializes on dealing with solo travelers. Such companies may differ by the age groups they focus on letting you connect with people you feel comfortable with. During such a tour, you can share traveling experience with new travel companions.

Give hostels a second though

The new trend of high-class hostels will change your opinion about this accommodation type because these places are chic enough to compete with elite hotels while having lower prices. How do you like the idea of an aquarium lobby, a terrace on the roof equipped with barbeque grills, a local do-it-yourself crepe buffet, for a bed at a price of $15? Some of the European hostel chains put emphasis on décor, while those South American may focus on community.

Share a room

Finding a roommate among travelers on your schedule will help you cut lodging expenses tangibly thanks to splitting those between the two of you. Look for someone with the same destination and time frame to partner up on websites such as TravBuddy.

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