12 of the most unique airports in the world

01 January 1970
There’s a lot of unique airports in the world. For example, the biggest airport in the world is located in Saudi Arabia, the most remote one on the Easter Island, while the coldest one in Russia.

People are able to live even in the most remote places in the world, thus they need to have access to such location, which results in the construction of new airports. Planes need a lot of space, and new airports appear in places, which look a bit strange or even impossible to be used as the airfield. In other cases airports are built in great places, which allows transforming them into unique and busy hubs, providing people with thousands of working places and a lot of convenient routes for travelers. 


Nevertheless, there’s a lot of airports having their own unique records. Let’s take a look at the most unique of them.

The biggest airport: Airport of King Fahd, Saudi Arabia

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The official area of the airport is 78,000 hectares, which makes it the biggest airport in the world. However, the reach infrastructure takes just 3,675 hectares, while all other area is closed for visitors, and used only by airport staff. You won’t find any real objects there, but the territory officially belongs to the airport. However, keeping the lack of strict measuring standards in mind, the plot under the airport of King Fahd is its official territory.

The airport with the biggest infrastructure area: Denver Airport

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In case if take only infrastructure objects into account, the Airport of Denver will be the biggest one because it covers 13,726 hectares. It’s bigger than the area of the busiest European airport, Heathrow in London (Heathrow covers only 1,227 hectares, which is 10 times smaller).

The busiest airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in the USA

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The airport in Atlanta has the biggest number of passengers (more than 104 million in 2017) and the biggest number of serviced flights (898,356 flights in 2016). And none of the airports in the world is able to show the similar results.

The coldest airport: the city of Yakutsk, Russia

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Yakutia is really famous for its cold weather. The so-called cold weather pole is located here, and two cities are fighting for the name of the coldest city: Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk. Nevertheless, the airport of Yakutsk has temperatures around -39°С during the winter, which is the lowest result among all the airports in the world.

The hottest airport: Ahvaz Airport, Iran

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The record temperature of 54°С was registered in the Iranian Ahvaz Airport. It’s simply impossible to stay here during the summer if you don’t have an air conditioning system.

The highest airport: Daocheng Yading Airport in China

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This airport was built in Tibet province of Sichuan and is officially considered the airport located in the highest part of the world for today. The landing strip is located at the altitude of 4,441 meters above the sea level. This altitude can’t be reached even by the most skilled people in the ridges all over the world.

The lowest airport: Bar Yehuda Airfield in Israel

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This airport is a reflection of Daocheng Yading because it’s located in a sand desert of Israel on the level of 378 meters below the sea. It works every single day, but you won’t find any regular flights here because it’s used as the maintenance base for the service and military aircraft.

The airport with the tallest traffic control tower: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The tallest air traffic control tower has the height of 133.8 meters. In some sources, this airport is called the tallest airport in the world, which is not really true because Daocheng Yading is located significantly higher, even though it doesn’t have such a tower.

The airport with the shortest landing strip: Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba Island

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This airport can be easily called the most dangerous one because it has the shortest landing strip in the world. Planes have to land and depart using a piece of asphalt with the length of 196 meters. Furthermore, the strip is limited with sharp cliffs from both sides. As a result, this airport is not able to accept big planes. Saba Island is located in the Caribbean Sea and belongs to Holland.

Do you know which airport is the coldest in the world? And what is the highest place in the mountain? Which airport is the most remote one? And finally, which is located at the most northern point of the world? Let’s take a look, and discover all of them!

The most northern airport: Navy base on Ellesmere Island in Canada

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There’s no other inhabited place in the world, which is located behind the Ellesmere, as a result, there are no airports too. At the same time, Ellesmere offers better weather than the city of Yakutsk.





The most southern airport: Jack F. Paulus Skiway

The airport of Jack F. Paulus Skiway is located in the Antarctic, not far from the South Pole, and it’s intended to deliver cargo and people to the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station. It’s impossible to find any city or the airport located southern that this place.

The farthest airport: Mataveri Airport

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Mataveri Airport is located at the biggest distance from all another airport. Totegegie Airport of French Polynesia can be found in 2,603 km, while the airport of Santiago in Chili is located at the distance of 3.759 km. It’s worth noting that this airport serves only flights of the national Chilean carrier LAN Airlines.

And finally, meet the happiest airport in the world: Exeter Airport in Great Britain.

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This airport became the leader and managed to overbid even at Heathrow in London. According to the information of HappyOrNot from Finland, which installs special terminals in order to understand the mood of people. People can press a button with one of the emojis in order to show the level of happiness and satisfaction with a place. Exeter managed to collect the highest number of positive reviews from guests.

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